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Weekly Update (Jul 21): 30 Casual Decks for Core Set 2020

Thirty Casual Decks under $20 for Magic: the Gathering Core Set 2020

30 m20 casual decks

Thirty under $20 returns, featuring a ton of cheap, casual decks for Magic: the Gathering Core Set 2020!Read more

State of the Best of Three Meta M20

Mtg risen reef m20

What has M20 done to the meta? Find out here!Read more

Budget Magic: $58 Spirits (Standard, Magic Arena)

Spirits ff7f6f54 9c55 4892 b3a4 e862717a86a5%2ejpg

Can some sweet new Core Set 2020 additions make Spirits a playable tribe in Standard in ultra-budget form? Let's find out!Read more

Finance Update w/ Saffron Olive

Secluded Glen Imperial Outrider

This week, the biggest finance isn't really a story at all. On Thursday, it came out that Throne of Eldraine would be the fall set with an article claiming the set was a "Faerie focused set." This lead to cards like Secluded Glen (up 192% to $14), Bitterblossom (up 11% to $50), and even Oona, Queen of the Fae (up 30% to $7.98) being bought up on spec. A day or so later we learned that rather than a Faerie-focused set, Throne of Eldraine was a Fairy Tale focused set, and that the Faerie creature type wasn't a significant aspect of Throne of Eldraine. It's pretty safe to assume that cards like Secluded Glen are on their way back down in price, and that in another year or so we'll have a string of "Secluded Glen was my worst spec ever" tweets and articles floating around.

Meanwhile, if you look at the biggest winner in Standard, you'll see that the list is overflowing with random commons and uncommons like Imperial Outrider and Siege Mastodon. These Core Set 2020 cards that aren't actually in the set itself, and instead are found in various supplemental products tied to the set, like Starter Decks and Planeswalker Decks. In general, these cards aren't playable in competitive Standard, and most (but not all) are reprints from older sets. If you really need a copy for some reason you'll probably have to pay a high price, just because the cards are rare, but in general no one needs a Core Set 2020 printing of Prized Unicorn - there are plenty of other versions available for a few cents. In general, it's safe to ignore all of the seemingly random price spikes from Core Set 2020 supplemental cards.

Finally, yesterday we got some new about Throne of Eldraine from Mark Rosewater's San Diego Comic Con panel. While we didn't get any cards, we did get some interesting product news. First, Throne of Eldraine will bring with it the first Brawl preconstructed decks, with each featuring a handful of new cards, similar to Commander decks. Second, there will be "premium booster" for Throne of Eldraine, which will likely cost somewhere between $20 and $25 each. What do you get from this high price? One extended art rare or mythic, one foil rare or mythic, nine foil commons or uncommons, three "special frame" cards (with borders similar to some of the Mythic Edition cards we'd had in the past), one ancillary card (from a supplemental products like the Planeswalker Decks or Brawl Decks) and one foil token. Will these boosters we worth the price? At this point, it's hard to say, and will probably depend on how much eternal demand there is for cards from Throne of Eldraine, but it is cool to see Wizards trying some interesting new things in terms of promos and booster packs.

Modern Mayhem: Rakdos Gobbos (Modern, Magic Online)

Rakdos goblins

It's time for some goblin chaos. Let's see what these little red critters can do!Read more

Goblin It To Win It (Ringleader Vial Goblins, Modern) – Stream Highlights

Rough Drafts: Core Set 2020 (Limited, Magic Arena)

Ringleader vial goblins stream highlights Rough drafts m20

Is Goblin Ringleader the missing piece to the Goblin puzzle in Modern? Read more

Core Set 2020 has had a surprisingly big impact on Standard, but how does the set play in draft? Let's find out! Read more

This Week in Legacy: Wrenn and Six is Taking Over

Wrenn and six not tournament legal 49180 medium

Wrenn and Six is making waves in LegacyRead more

Against the Odds: Gruul Lands (Standard, Magic Arena)

Single Scoop: Simic Flash (Standard, Magic Arena)

Gruul lands Simic flash

What are the odds of winning with a deck built around Lotus Field in Standard? Let's find out! Read more

We tap into our Speed Force with this Simic Flash deck! Read more

Vintage 101: Commanding the Dreadhorde

Fish Five-0: Azorius Skynet (Standard, Magic Arena)

Vintage 101 command the dreadhorde  1 Azorious skynet

Joe Dyer takes control of the Dreadhorde with a relatively newer spin on Jeskai in Vintage! Read more

Cheap and evasive threats your jam? Come join us for this aerial assault! Read more

Commander Clash S6 E23: Core Set 2020, Part 1! (Gargos vs. Kaalia vs. Kykar vs. Yarok)

Commander clash 2019 week23  1

Everyone is in their comfort zone this week playing their favorite new M20 commanders!Read more

No Land's Land (Karn's Coating, Modern) – Stream Highlights

Podcast 233: Standard Week One, Modern Horizons Status, Arena Update

Gr karn coating stream highlights Podcast white

Does Karn, the Great Creator make the infamous Liquimetal Coating deck a true contender in Modern? Read more

The crew talks about the first week of Core Set 2020 Standard, the insane price of Wrenn and Six and a Arena update. Read more

Instant Deck Techs

Mono blue%2btempo 9c4f9cc8 7f36 4c95 a03f 95926c587f6b%2ejpg

Each day we'll be posting a short, three minute deck tech featuring some of the coolest decks that come across the site. The most popular deck will be made into videos the following week based on your views, likes and comments in the videos. Here's this week's Instant Deck Techs:

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