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Weekly Update (Jul 19): Magic Origins Decklists

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August Magic Online Promos

The August Magic Online MOCS and MOPR cards announced:

  • Qualify for MOCS and receive a Cryptic Command (1 card per 15 QP).
  • Play in one event and earn a Relic Seeker (5+ for foil).
  • Spend $20 in the store and earn a Serum Visions ($40+ for foil)

Finance Brief by SaffronOlive

The big news this week is the release of Magic Origins and StarCityGames Chicago, the first big tournament featuring the new standard format. As a result, cards from ORI make up most of the biggest winners of the week. Jace, Vryn's Prodigy tops the list with a massive 63 percent increase to $19.50 on the back of positive reviews from prominent pros who are testing the card in everything from Jeskai Aggro to UB Control to 5-Color Rally the Ancestors. The Languish spike (up 34 percent to $11), on the other hand, isn't so much about a new revelation, but because a lot of people are still playing Abzan and needed to get their copies for tournaments this weekend. The pseudo-wrath will trend back towards the $5 mark over the next month or two although the upcoming Pro Tour may slow the decline slightly. Finally, Thopter Spy Network (up 139 percent to $3.53) and Hangarback Walker (up 68 percent to $2.50) are finding homes in unlikely places such as the UW Control deck Jeff Hoogland guided to 7th place finish at #SCGCHI.

Magic Origins is making its presence known in Modern as well where Shared Animosity jumped 10 percent to $8.10 on the continuing Goblin Piledriver hype. Unfortunately we'll have to wait a couple weeks to see just how good Goblins can be in Modern since there are no major events in the near future. Living End is up 27 percent to $12.98 this week and has doubled in price over the past two weeks, but this has less to do with Magic Origins and more to do with Travis Woo who has spent the past couples months mashing together popular Modern decks. Among these creations are Living End Scapeshift, Living End Gifts and Living End Twin. While it seems doubtful that any of these decks will be tier one in Modern, they do provide another reminder of just how much power Woo has in the paper market. As a financier, when he brews up something crazy it is worth taking notice because other people are going to buy it and try it too.

Finally, on Magic Online we have two important trends this week: First, people are preparing for the release of Magic Origins and buying cards that might get better with the release of the new set. This includes Thassa, God of the Sea and Master of Waves (up 13 and 18 percent respectably) on the back of Mono-Blue Devotion hype as well as Eidolon of Blossoms (up 33 percent to 1.41 tix) on the hope of a revival of GBx Constellation with additions like Starfield of Nyx and Herald of the Pantheon. Second, the big players in Modern Masters 2015 are continuing their recovery. Tarmogoyf, Mox Opal, Noble Hierarch, Spellskite and Leyline of Sanctity all increased between 10 and 30 percent this week (you can see the entire list on the MM2 Set Page). All in all, the total set price of MM2 on MTGO has increased nearly 25 percent over the past two weeks and 10 percent in the past seven days alone.

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If the idea of MM2 was to make Modern less expensive, it failed miserably. @SaffronOlive breaks down the numbers. Modern Decks Cost 25 Percent More Today than Six Months Ago

The Love Bellow: A Standard Combo Deck

Want to make the most of the new Origins cards? Take a look at this toolbox-style combo deck. The Love Bellow: A Standard Combo Deck

Budget Magic: $94 (and 20 tix) Modern UB Mill

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Magic Origins Fat Pack Giveaway

There's less than 24 hours to enter to win a free Magic Origins Fat Pack! It's free to enter so check out our Magic Origins Fat Pack Giveaway today (giveaway ends July 20).

Tournament Results

Articles Recap

Several great articles were published on MTGGoldfish this week:

#Trending Cards

The five most viewed cards on MTGGoldfish this past week were:
  1. Collected Company (Dragons of Tarkir)
  2. Snapcaster Mage (Innistrad)
  3. Jace Vryns Prodigy (Magic Origins)
  4. Liliana Heretical Healer (Magic Origins)
  5. Languish (Magic Origins)

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