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Weekly Update (Jul 17): Eldritch Moon Video Set Reviews

Eldritch Moon Intro Pack Decklists

Eldritch moon intro decks

The complete decklists for all five Eldritch Moon Intro Decks.Read more

Eldritch Moon Set Review

Eldritch moon set review   multi color

We've finally gotten our hands on Eldritch Moon. I hope everyone enjoyed the prerelease this past weekend. If you still need a primer on the set, be sure to check out our seven-part Eldritch Moon video set review!

Budget Magic: $81 (60 tix) Standard UR Dragons


While we wait for the Vampires, Zombies, and Spirits of Eldritch Moon, let's see if Dragons have what it takes to compete in Standard!Read more

Finance Update w/ Saffron Olive

Diregraf Colossus Mishra's Bauble Peregrine Drake

This past week was tribal week in the world of finance. All five of the week's biggest winners are, in one way or another, attached to tribes that are getting more support in Eldritch Moon. Diregraf Colossus and Prized Amalgam on the back of Zombie hype, Rattlechains and Bygone Bishop for Spirits, and Matter Reshaper has a lot of synergy with emerge (which isn't exactly a tribe, but close enough). Whether any of these cards pan out remains to be seen, but at this point I'm not in a huge rush to sell—if any of these tribes develop into a tier one strategy prices could increases even more, especially with a Pro Tour on the horizon.

We had another buyout this week in Mishra's Bauble (up 124% to just under $25), but at least this one makes a bit of sense. Mishra's Bauble is a four-of staple in Modern Death's Shadow (also known as Suicide Zoo), which is currently the third most played deck in Modern. When you combine this huge increase in play with the fact that Mishra's Bauble's only printing was in Coldsnap, a set of notoriously low supply, it makes sense that Mishra's Bauble is shooting up in price. The good new is that unlike Reserved List cards, if Mishra's Bauble gets too expensive, it can and will be reprinted in a future Modern Masters or supplemental product, which means it's not a safe long-term investment. I'd be looking to sell into the hype.

Finally, tomorrow is the next Banned and Restricted announcement, and while it seems unlikely that we get any major changes, there's some small possibility that Sensei's Divining Top could be banned in Legacy, or something random could come off the banned list. While Pauper finance hasn't really caught on in paper, it's big on Magic Online, which is important because the most likely banning is Peregrine Drake. My bet would be they give it until September and then take action. Regardless, the most important thing is to protect yourself on various trading and selling platforms so that you don't get stuck buying cards at a new inflated price, or being shipped a bunch of suddenly worthless banned cards. The easiest thing to do it just remove anything that could be impacted tonight, and then relist those cards after the announcement tomorrow morning.

The Expected Value of Eldritch Moon


How much value can you expect to open from a box of Eldritch Moon? Let's break it down!Read more

Much Abrew About Nothing: Double Moon Walkers (Modern)

Playing Pauper: Black-Green Threshold

6bd6c324cda62be3999b74e5e0ea706c d41iikm Grisly salvage 550x300

How many planeswalkers can we ultimate? How many Turn 2 Blood Moons can we cast? Is it possible to hard cast Emrakul? All this and more! Read more

Watch Jake guide you through this Black-Green graveyard-based deck. Read more

Against the Odds: Force of Savagery

Commander Clash 27: Competitive Commander

Tumblr nagxp6nfcn1t7m1kbo1 r1 1280 Cc 27 article

Is it possible to build a deck around a zero-toughness creature that can actually win in Modern? We're about to find out! Read more

The crew builds decks with a single goal in mind: winning! Read more

This Week in Legacy: Introduction to Delver

Vintage 101: Out of the Cellar

105195 hi Pack rat art

Sean continues his introduction into the Legacy metagame with the Delver decks. Read more

Islandswamp goes over a few decks featuring everyone's favorite Rat! Read more

Eldritch Moon Removal

Eldritch Moon Instant-Speed Tricks

Dark salvation eldritch moon Spirit of the hunt

Eldritch Moon removal by color, rarity, and converted mana cost. Read more

A reference table of all the instant-speed tricks in Eldritch Moon. Read more

Izzet Gonna Get Banned? (Izzet Drake, Pauper) - Stream Highlights

Podcast 077: EMN Impressions, Market Pricing, Shkreli

Izzet drake featured Podcast white

Rumblings on the street are that Peregrine Drake could get banned in Pauper, but why is the card so broken? Let's see! Read more

The crew discusses Eldritch Moon final impressions, TCGplayer Market Pricing, and Martin Shkreli. Read more

Instant Deck Techs


Each day we'll be posting a short, three minute deck tech featuring some of the coolest decks that come across the site. The most popular deck will be made into videos the following week based on your views, likes and comments in the videos. Here's this week's Instant Deck Techs:

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