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Weekly Update (Jul 12): Can Standard Bant Beat Modern Jund?

GOAT Magic: Can Standard Bant Beat Modern Jund?

Standard Bant is so powerful it has pushed midrange out of the format. But what happens when it runs into the greatest midrange deck in Magic's history: Modern Jund?Read more

Core Set 2021 Draft Guide

Ves's Core Set 2021 Draft PrimerRead more

Budget Magic: Eight-Rare ($78) Izzet Prowess (Standard)

Does the printing of Stormwing Entity in Core Set 2021 mean its time for a budget-friendly Izzet Prowess deck to rise in Standard? Let's see!Read more

Finance Update w/ Saffron Olive

Honden of Seeing Winds Jumpstart Booster Repentant Blacksmith

This week in the world of finance it's Shrines week, with some of the biggest winners of the week being the Championships of Kamigawa Shrines, specifically Honden of Seeing Winds and Honden of Cleansing Fire, both of which more than doubled in price on the week to $4 and $2 respectively. One thing we've learned over the past couple of years is that Commander is the format that primarily drives paper card prices at this point, with some of the biggest changes coming when cards from a new set (like Core Set 2021) increases demand for cards in an old set (like Champions of Kamigawa). In this instance, Sanctum of All and the new Core Set 2021 Shrines are exciting Commander players, and a Shrine deck really needs all 11 Shrines, so everyone building a Shrine-themed deck needs to buy the Champions of Kamigawa Shrines as well, driving up prices. Thankfully an Eternal Masters reprinting should keep things from getting too out of hand price-wise, but expect to pay a few dollars each for your older Shrines rather than getting them at bulk prices where they were before Core Set 2021.

This week also makes the official release of Jumpstart, with the set coming out on Friday in paper, although getting a box in the near future is looking expensive. Thanks to the pandemic, the first print run of Jumpstart is going to be smaller than Wizards intended and this, combined with the good reprints and exciting new cards in the set, is driving up prices. The set would normally sell for around $100, but is currently up to $170 or $180 on Ebay, with the cheapest boxes on Amazon coming in at $220. Meanwhile, major vendors like Card Kingdom and StarCityGames are all sold out. If you haven't already locked down a box at presale prices, you might as well wait for the second print run to come and (hopefully) drop prices. Wizards said again this week that the set is not limited supply and there will be plenty to go around eventually, but the pandemic is disrupting their normal process.

Wrapping up with less logical news, the Arabian Nights version of Repentant Blacksmith was bought out this week, pushing it all the way up to $186; a staggering amount for a lower rarity card that isn't on the Reserved List and has multiple reprintings (in both 5th Edition and Chronicles). Why Repentant Blacksmith? It's hard to say for sure, although it is worth mentioning that the card is part of an infamous Magic story. Back in the early days of Magic, a player had his Mox Ruby borrowed (without his knowledge) by a friend, so he used Repentant Blacksmith as a Mox Ruby proxy by writing "MOX RUBY" on it. Decades later, the friend who borrowed the Mox Ruby (and did eventually give it back), decided to repay the favor in the form of a birthday gift... with an Unlimited Mox Ruby proxied to be a Repentant Blacksmith. All this to say, the Repentant Blacksmith buyout could be a meme. If you, for some reason I can't comprehend, need a copy to play with, grab a Chronicles or 5th Edition printing for essentially free.

The Expected Value of Core Set 2021

Core Set 2021 is here! How much value should you expect to open from your box? Let's discuss!Read more

Much Abrew: Ad Nauseam (Modern)

This Week in Legacy: Baby Sharks

A few weeks ago, we featured Modern Ad Nauseam on Know Your Combos. Today, we get to see the deck in action! Read more

Joe Dyer dives into Sharkstill in Legacy! Read more

Pioneer Peak: Monastery Entities

Vintage 101: Gaak Gaak Baby

Monastery Mentor found a new elemental friend to take to the skies! Read more

Joe Dyer dives into the popularity increase of Hogaak Bazaar in Vintage! Read more

Against the Odds: Cats & Dogs (Standard)

What are the odds of winning with a Cats & Dogs deck built around Rin and Seri, Inseparable in Core Set 2021 Standard? Let's see!Read more

Single Scoop: Historic Cheerios (Historic)

5 Amazing Free Spells Under $5 | Commander Quickie

Historic has a cheerios deck! TheAsianAvenger pilots a list by Greg Orange and tries out MTG solitaire Read more

Free spells are best spells! Tomer shows off five budget cards that you can cast for no mana! Read more

Commander Clash S9 E1: Core Set 2021 | Barrin vs. Gadrak vs. Rin & Seri vs. Subira

After a brief break the Goldfish crew is back and ready to try out the sweet new commanders from M21!Read more

The Fish Tank: Sweet and Spicy Viewer-Submitted Decks (July 5-11, 2020)

Fish Five-0: Dimir Tezzerator

What sweet decks did users submit this week? Let's find out! Read more

The best way to play around Ugin? Play a ton of colorless spells! Tezzeret, Master of the Bridge also rewards us by making our Ugins cheaper! Read more

Will Rotation Fix Standard?

Podcast 284: Standard Evolution and Culinary Experiments

Rotation is a time of hope for Standard, with problematic cards potentially leaving the format. Will September's rotation with Zendikar Rising fix Standard? Let's discuss! Read more

The crew discusses changes in Standard, some strange foods they've eaten recently and answers #MTGFishmail. Read more

Instant Deck Techs

Each day we'll be posting a short, three minute deck tech featuring some of the coolest decks that come across the site. The most popular deck will be made into videos the following week based on your views, likes and comments in the videos. Here's this week's Instant Deck Techs:

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