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Weekly Update (Feb 5): Pro Tour Aether Revolt Decks

Pro Tour Aether Revolt

Pro tour aether revolt decklists

Pro Tour Aether Revolt is in the books! It was a crazy weekend, with Day 1 starting with three big decks: Saheeli, GB Snake, and Mardu Vehicles. However, by Day 2 the field was mostly Mardu Vehicles and GB Snake (Saheeli posted a miserable 36% conversion rate), and after all was said and done, the Top 8 featured 6/8 Mardu Vehicles decks. The eventual winner was Lucas Esper Berthoud with Mardu Vehicles! Breakout cards included Fatal Push (75% of decks), Scrapheap Scrounger (57% of decks), and Heart of Kiran (50% of decks). Be sure to check back on Monday as we release our full "By the Numbers" analysis of Pro Tour Aether Revolt.

Budget Magic: $55 (18 tix) Standard Paradox Engine

Paradox%2bengine e1e7a25b 156c 46d9 94ae 44440ccf8cb9%2ejpg

What's better than going infinite in Standard? Going infinite in Standard for only $55! It's Paradox Engine time!Read more

Finance Update w/ Saffron Olive

Paradox Engine Heart of Kiran Tezzeret's Simulacrum

The biggest finance news this week comes out of Pro Tour Aether Revolt. First, we have the parade of failed specs which players bought leading up to the Pro Tour in hopes of a breakout performance. Headlining this parade are Paradox Engine (up 59% to over $10) and Inspiring Statuary (up 74% to $3). These cards didn't really show up at all at Pro Tour Aether Revolt, and as a result, should return back to their previous prices over the next few weeks.

Next we have the cards that actually broke out at the Pro Tour, headlined by Heart of Kiran. It seems that the vehicle is more than just a subpar replacement for Smuggler's Copter, but rather one of the best cards in Standard. As a result, the mythic increased 50% and is now $25. Also on the winners list are Pro Tour standouts Scrapheap Scrounger (which more than doubled to nearly $5), Spire of Industry (up 23% to just under $5), and Verdurous Gearhulk (up 11% to $20). Nearly all Pro Tour spikes drop within a few weeks, so to maximize your profits, sell as soon as possible!

Last but not least, we have an odd one that I have a ton of questions about: Tezzeret's Simulacrum, one of the cards exclusive to the Aether Revolt Planeswalker Decks. From what I can tell this is simply a low-supply issue (possibly combined with a buyout and one seller on TCGplayer having copies at $13 driving up the price). If you can actually find a buyer for your copies, you should sell. I've never seen Tezzeret's Simulacrum in a deck list, but my guess it they will be very hard to move and the spike should mostly be ignored.

Much Abrew: BUG Chord (Modern)

This Week in Legacy: Reinvigorated Archetypes and CanCon 2017 Legacy

Identity thief eldritch moon mtg art Hero of bladehold art

Should Modern Chord decks go blue instead of white? Will Identity Thief make Seth pull his beard out? Let's see! Read more

Sean explores some reinvigorated archetypes, along with some interesting decks from his local large event! Read more

Against the Odds: Mechanized Production (Standard)

Part the waterveil battle for zendikar mtg art

Aether Revolt is out on Magic Online, which means it's time to figuring out what the odds are for winning with Mechanized Production!Read more

Playing Pauper: Puzzle Pieces

Magic History: Let it Snow!

550x300 Necropotence tedin mtg

Jake features an Izzet control build that can win with Minotaur tokens or by milling out the opponent Read more

Take an Icy trip down memory lane with Islandswamp as he looks at Magic's first stand-alone expansion: Ice Age! Read more

Magic: the Gathering – Puzzle Quest Aether Revolt Preview

Vintage 101: Going Ballistic!

Mtgpq featured Balista.crop.hq

Aether Revolt comes to Magic: the Gathering – Puzzle Quest! Read more

Islandswamp shows you how Walking Ballista blasted its way through the latest Vintage Power Nine Challenge! Read more

This or That Magic (Super Bowl Edition): New England Patriots vs. Atlanta Falcons

Thisorthat superbowl

Who will win Super Bowl LI this weekend? Seth and Richard try to figure it out, with a game of Magic!Read more

Brewer's Minute: How Many Colors?

Commander Clash S2 Episode 26: Aether Revolt

Binder94 Aer thumbnail

What's the cost of adding another color to a deck, and when should you do it? Let's discuss! Read more

The crew duke it out with the brand new legendary creatures from Aether Revolt! Read more

Podcast 106: Pre Pro Tour Aether Revolt, SuperData CCG Rankings

Podcast white

The crew discuss their upcoming Pro Tour predictions, and the recent CCG revenue data by SuperData.Read more

Instant Deck Techs

Bg%2bsnake%2b%2528brennan%2bdecandio%2529 541485e2 b1a8 4dcc bed1 8b8666f0da93%2ejpg

Each day we'll be posting a short, three minute deck tech featuring some of the coolest decks that come across the site. The most popular deck will be made into videos the following week based on your views, likes and comments in the videos. Here's this week's Instant Deck Techs:

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