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Weekly Update (Feb 19): Magic Digital Next Reveal, Amonkhet Full-Art Basic Promos

A First Look at Magic Digital Next!

Magic digital next

A screen capture of Magic Digital Next!Read more

Amonkhet In-Store Play Updates & Foil Promo Full-Art Lands


Some new events you might see at your LGS for Amonkhet, including Full-Art Basic Lands!Read more

Budget Magic: $76 (15 tix) Mono-White Servos (Standard)

Mono white%2bservos a654f722 6ba8 4b32 ab8e ae242b283f92%2ejpg

This week we take a break from comboing off to go beatdown in Standard with Servo tokens backed by a massive 15 lords!Read more

Finance Update w/ Saffron Olive

Paradise Mantle Basilisk Collar Glint-Sleeve Siphoner

This week, the biggest finance news is focused on Modern, specifically equipment. The single biggest winner was Paradise Mantle, which more than doubled to around $4 (depending on the printing) in responses to the hype surrounding the updated Puresteel Paladin Storm deck featuring Sram, Senior Edificer. It's easy to forget that before being reprinted in Modern Masters, Paradise Mantle was pushing $10. As a result, it seems likely that the price increase will stick this time around, at least until the zero-mana equipment is reprinted once again.

The other big mover was Basilisk Collar, which is currently sitting at $22 after more than doubling in price. We are actually at the point where Worldwake should be considered an older, low supply set (based on all the player growth that has happened since). The rise of Endbringer (which synergizes well with Basilisk Collar, shooting down any two creatures each turn cycle) in Eldrazi Tron brought about the buyout this week for Basilisk Collar. Here I'd lean towards selling into the hype. Basilisk Collar is extremely reprintable and could show up anywhere including future Standard-legal sets, which means it's only a matter of time until more supply hits the market.

As for Standard, things were mostly quiet. Glint-Sleeve Siphoner, Gonti, Lord of Luxury, and Release the Gremlins all increased a bit based on good GP performances last weekend, but not enough to really influence buying or selling. This said, it is worth noting that Grasp of Darkness is pushing $2 as an uncommon. Unless it shows up in Amonkhet block, it will rotate in just over six months and return to being valueless, so if you have some extra copies sitting around from drafting or cracking Oath of the Gatewatch boosters, sell them now while they are at their peak.

Much Abrew: Sram'O's (Modern)

Future Future League: Failures and Fixes

Sram senior edificer mtg art Emrakul wallpaper

How good is the Modern Puresteel Paladin Storm deck with the addition of Sram, Senior Edificer? Let's see! Read more

In the past R&D was Wizards biggest strength, but lately things have gotten a bit weird. What's happening and how can it be fixed? Read more

This Month in Legacy: February Legacy Challenge and Reassessing Threats

Playing Pauper: Golgari Aristocrats

Hooting mandrills mtg art 550x300

Sean looks at the February Legacy Challenge results, and contemplates some new threats to consider in the current metagame. Read more

Jake uses cheap recurring creatures and sacrifice outlets to trigger Morbid in this Aristocrats-style decklist Read more

GOAT Magic: Cars vs. Caw

Goatmagic   cars vs caws

Mardu Vehicles is good in our current Standard format, but how does it match up against Caw Blade, a GOAT Standard control deck?Read more

Against the Odds: Self-Driving Cars (Standard)

Vintage 101: Vintage on a Budget!

Hb20160927 icon Ddj golgari gravetroll 338406

What are the odds of Consulate Dreadnought driving us to victory in Aether Revolt Standard? Let's see! Read more

Islandswamp goes over some budget Vintage decks, including one for under $100! Read more

This or That Magic: Pirates or Ninjas?

Brewer's Minute: More Modern Combos

Thisorthat pirates vs ninjas Tumblr nag8i4pgzy1thxsmlo1 1280

This week Seth and Tomer answer the age old question, Pirates or Ninjas! Read more

Infinite turns, infinite damage, infinite Wolves, infinite loops that draw the game? Modern is a fun place! Read more

Commander Clash S2 Episode 28: Revenge

Revenge thumbnail

The crew brings back their favorite decks that didn't get there from previous episodes back for a shot at revenge!Read more

Podcast 108: The Future of Modern, Post Pro Tour Standard, Full-Art Land Promos

Tron, Tron Everywhere (Eternal Command, Modern) – Stream Highlights

Podcast white Eternal command

The crew discusses the recent changes for Modern, Standard at GP Pittsburgh, and the new Amonkhet full-art basic promos. Read more

Aether Vial, Eternal Witness, Cryptic Command? Let's do it! Read more

Instant Deck Techs

Elves%2b%2528julian23%2529 00d40fd5 b3cd 4c9d bf64 f543879c8eca%2ejpg

Each day we'll be posting a short, three minute deck tech featuring some of the coolest decks that come across the site. The most popular deck will be made into videos the following week based on your views, likes and comments in the videos. Here's this week's Instant Deck Techs:

Tournament Center


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