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Weekly Update (Aug 11): Commander 2019 Decklists

Commander 2019 Previews

Commander 2019 has been fully revealed, with all the new legendaries and complete decklists available! The set is officially available on August 23, 2019, but you can pre-order your decks now. Check out for all the cards and complete decklists, and check out the important highlights of the set directly from SaffronOlive:

Budget Magic: $112 (17 tix) Leyline of Abundance Combo (Modern, Magic Online)

Last week, we killed people on Turn 2 with Colussus Hammer. Can Leyline of Abundance facilitate a very different kind of Turn 2 combo kill in Modern on a budget? Let's see!Read more

Finance Update w/ Saffron Olive

Ixidor, Reality Sculptor Dream Chisel Panharmonicon

This week, the biggest finance news is attached to Commander 2019. While it's likely more movement is on the way, thus far it seems to be the morph deck that is generating the most interest, with Ixidor, Reality Sculptor (up from $2 to $15) and Dream Chisel (up from under $1 to $9) leading the way. While speculation likely plays a part in the price increases, Commander is an extremely popular format and when a new deck comes out that captures players' fancy, cheap upgrade pieces are often bought out a few copies at a time by players looking to upgrade their preconstructed deck. Ixidor, Reality Sculptor and Dream Chisel will both likely come back down in price over the next few months, but they are unlikely to be down near $1 again in the near future, if ever. If you're thinking of buying and upgrading a Commander 2019 deck, try to snag your important upgrade pieces early, since other players are likely doing the same, and if you wait you might end up paying more as the cheapest copies on the market will be bought up quickly.   

Speaking of casual play, Panharmonicon increase 13% on the week to just over $8. While this isn't a huge gain, the underlying metrics suggest that Panharmonicon is a card that's likely to continue to increase in price, month-by-month, and year-by-year, until it is eventually reprinted. Not only is Panharmonicon a true Commander staple (being among the 30 most-played colorless cards in the format according to EDHRec), but earlier this week Card Kingdom was buying copies for $7—slightly higher than copies were selling for on TCGPlayer. A major vendor increasing their buylist prices so aggressively (and also bumping their retail price, in this case to $12) is usually an early sign of an across the board price increase as cheap copies get bought up and other big vendors will follow suit and increase their sell prices. I even picked up a few for myself because I love Panharmonicon and because I wouldn't be a bit surprised if the artifact ended up $20 in a couple of years if it doesn't get reprinted.  

Otherwise, this week was strangely quiet. Both Standard and Modern are in weird holding patterns as players wait for big shakeups coming in a few weeks. In Standard, Throne of Eldraine spoilers should start in less than a month and it's difficult to make any big purchases for the format without knowing more about what post-rotating Standard will look like. Meanwhile, Modern players are waiting for the August 26th banned and restricted announcement to see what Wizards does about Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis. Expect things to pick up towards the end of the month, as Standard and Modern players prepare for new formats.

Commander 2019 Commanders: Sweet Synergies and Spicy Lists

Modern Mayhem: Boros SupaFrandz (Modern, Magic Online)

We've got our first batch of new legends from Commander 2019! What sweet tricks and synergies to these cards enable? Let's discuss! Read more

Chandra, Awakened Inferno in modern? Let's try it! Read more

Against the Odds: Chandra Tribal (Standard, Magic Online)

What are the odds of winning with the Chandra-iest of Chandra decks in Standard? Let's find out!Read more

Single Scoop: Mystical Pizza Oven (Standard, Magic Arena)

Vintage 101: Mythbusters - Vintage Edition!

See what's cooking this week with the Mystic Pizza Oven! Read more

Joe Dyer dispels some myths about the Vintage format in this thrilling new reality series! Read more

Fish Five-0: Angels and Dargons! (Standard, Magic Arena)

Budget Commander: $20 Faceless Menace Upgrade

Kaalia, Zenith Seeker is looking for more friends to bring to the value party! Read more

Tomer shows how to turn the Faceless Menace precon into a tuned Morph Tribal deck with just $20! Read more

Commander Clash S6 E26: Season Finale! Richard Week (Neheb vs. Morophon vs. Skithiryx vs. Zuberi)

The crew busts our their jankiest tribal deck for the season finale episode: Richard Week!Read more

Blink and You Miss It (Bant Soulherder, Modern) – Stream Highlights

Podcast 236: Commander 2019 Previews

Can Soulherder, backed by a ton of card-drawing blink targets and an infinite combo compete in Modern? Let's see! Read more

The crew discusses a ton of sweet new Commander 2019 cards and answers #MTGFishmail. Read more

Much Abrew: Five-Color Elementals (Modern, Magic Online)

Can Risen Reef and Omnath, Locus of Rage make the jump from Standard to Modern in a five-color, value-centric Elementals shell? Let's find out!Read more

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