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Weekly Update (Apr 25): Eight New STX Commander Combos

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Strixhaven: Eight New Commander Combos

What sweet new combos does Strixhaven enable in Commander? Let's count down the top eight!Read more

Budget Magic: Mono-Red Storm (Historic)

Thanks to Mystical Archives we can now Storm off in Historic. Can the archetype work on a budget? Let's find out!Read more

Finance Update w/ Saffron Olive

Lifegift Breeding Pool Demonic Tutor

This week in the world of Magic finance things were fairly quiet. The biggest winner was Lifegift with the life gaining Kamigawa enchantment jumping 126% to $20, based in part on its synergy with Witherbloom cards from Commander 2021 and Strixhaven, especially Dina, Soul Steeper which really wants to head a deck that gains small amounts of life repeatedly, and in part on Command Zone mentioning it as a potential upgrade during a podcast. This said, according to EDHRec, only 43% of Dina, Soul Steeper decks actually play Lifegift and it isn't really heavily played in any non-Dina Commander deck. Of course, this big spike is only possible because Lifegift is old and has never been reprinted, so supply is low compared to the current Magic playerbase. If you have copies you aren't using, I'd look to sell or trade them away now into the hype. Lifegift is the exact kind of card that crashes back down near bulk once it is reprinted.

We also got a Secret Lair announcement this week, with the most interesting of the drops featuring shocklands. While you can buy smaller drops of three shocklands, the best deal is the Supershock Bundle, which will give you 15 shocklands (two of each allied color pair and one of each enemy shock) for $120. Buying one copy of the cheapest version of the 15 shocks you get in the bundle would set you back $210, so the bundle itself actually offers a huge discount. If you need shocklands for Commander, Modern or Pioneer, picking up the Secert Lair bundle is the cheapest way to get them. 

Finally, last week we talked about the expected value of Strixhaven, specifically how Collector Boosters has an extremely high expected value. Well, a lot has changed in the past week. Now that the set is officially out in paper and booster are being opened, the expected value of a Collector Booster box has dropped from over $600 to $323 while the cost of a box has increased $20 or $30 to around $240. While still solid value thanks to Mystical Archives, it's no longer off the charts like it was a week ago. 

Single Scoop: Silverquill Humans (Standard, Magic Arena)

The college of Silverquill has gotten some sweet new humans so TheAsianAvenger tries to get aggressive!Read more

This Week in Legacy: The Chain of Smog

Single Scoop: Friday Night Arclights (Historic, Magic Arena)

Joe Dyer gets in deep with Chain of Smog in Legacy! Read more

Is Arclight Phoenix back on the menu? Read more

Commander 2021: Top 10 Cards

Strixhaven: Top 10 Commander Cards

Seth and Tomer count down their top ten Commander 2021 cards! Read more

Tomer and Seth count down their ten favorite Commander cards from Strixhaven! Read more

Against the Odds: Infinite Ignus (Standard)

Vintage 101: BUG!

Strixhaven is here! What are the odds of gaining infinite life, dealing infinite damage, and making infinitely big creatures with Grinning Ignus and Birgi, God of Storytelling? Let's see! Read more

Joe Dyer gets deep into the popularity of BUG Midrange in Vintage. Read more

Lorehold Legacies $50 Precon Upgrade | Artifact | Reanimator | Osgir

Witherbloom Witchcraft $50 Precon Upgrade | Lifegain | Combo | Willowdusk | C21

Tomer shows you how to turn "Lorehold Legacies" into a highly tuned value machine for just $50! Read more

That's a real fair lookin' Lifegain precon ya got there. Would be a shame if someone optimized the heck out of it with some spicy combos! Read more

Strixhaven: School of Mages Removal List

Much Abrew: Clever Combo (Modern)

Strixhaven: School of Mages removal by color, rarity, and converted mana cost. Read more

How many Turn 2 kills can we get in Modern with the help of Clever Lumimancer and Nivmagus Elemental? Let's play a league and find out! Read more

Strixhaven: Arena's Most Expensive Set

Historic 101: Dimir Control

Strixhaven is breaking records on Magic Arena, but not in a good way. Read more

Dimir Control is probably the best control deck in the meta right now so TheAsianAvenger takes his list to the ladder! Read more

Commander Clash: Anything Goes | S10 E12

Podcast 325: Is Strixhaven the Worst Standard Set Ever?

The crew jams whatever they feel like playing this week! Read more

The crew discusses Strixhaven's impact on various formats, the end of early access streams, future Secret Lairs, the EV of Strixhaven and... Read more

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