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Weekly Update (Apr 12): Pro Tour Dragons of Tarkir

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Pro Tour Dragons of Tarkir

Congratulations to Martin Dang for taking down Pro Tour Dragons of Tarkir with Atarka Sligh (essentially Mono Red splashing Green for Atarka's Command). If you missed the coverage, get caught up with our #PTDTK coverage on MTGGoldfish:

What were the most played DTK cards at #PTDTK?

Card Copies
Ultimate Price 119
Roast 102
Thunderbreak Regent 96
Dromoka's Command 85
Anticipate 78
Dragon Fodder 61
Negate 56
Draconic Roar 54
Zurgo Bellstriker 50
Deathmist Raptor 49
Duress 49
Lightning Berserker 46

Budget Magic: $45 (or 7 tix) Restore Balance (Modern)

We have a pretty sweet budget deck for you in Restore Balance. It feels good to wreck a $700 deck with a $7 deck. Unfortunately, since posting this article, the cost of the deck on Magic Online went from 7 tix to 30 tix. However, at 30 tix it's still quite affordable for a Modern deck! The good news is it's still just $45 in paper.

Budget Commander: Brago, King Eternal

Itching for new EDH deck? Try out our latest Budget Commander deck, Brago, King Eternal. Maximum value for maximum fun!

Casual Monster: Wall Deck

It's been a while since we could play a Wall deck in standard, but DTK has given us the tools! Check out the latest Casual Monster deck, Assault Big Butts and Formation Can't Lie.

Articles Recap

Several great articles were published on MTGGoldfish this week:

#Trending Cards

The five most viewed cards on MTGGoldfish this past week were:
  1. Dragonlord Ojutai
  2. Narset Transcendent
  3. Thunderbreak Regent
  4. Dragonlord Atarka
  5. Deathmist Raptor


SuperBrew helps you find decks to build based on cards you already own. You can sort decks by how many cards you're missing and by how much it will cost you to complete the deck. Check out our demo video:

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