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Weekly Update (Apr 04): Complete Strixhaven Spoilers

Strixhaven: School of Mages Previews

The complete spoiler for Strixhaven is out! We have new Elder Dragons, a ton of new Legendaries, and really big flashy spells. But we're not done yet. Commander 2021 previews will be happening next week, with full deck reveals. Be sure to check out to keep up with the latest previews.

Against the Odds: Modern Jund

What are the odds of winning with perhaps the jankiest, most underpowered deck we've ever attempted in Modern? Let's find out!Read more

Budget Magic: $90 Izzet Giants (Modern)

Giants haven't really caught on in Kaldheim Standard yet. Perhaps Modern is a better home, thanks to some titans from Magic's past!Read more

Finance Update w/ Saffron Olive

Thrumming Stone Kozilek, Butcher of Truth Windswept Heath

This week, most of the biggest finance news is attached to Strixhaven, Commander, or both. One of the biggest gainers was Thrumming Stone, which jumped from $40 to over $70 this week thanks to Dragon's Approach. The idea is that if you can overload your deck with copies of Dragon's Approach and stick a Thrumming Stone, you should be able cast one Dragon's Approach and ripple into enough copies to either kill your opponent with direct damage or by tutoring up some massive Dragons. While the "combo" has existed for a long time thanks to other "a deck can have any number of X" cards like Relentless Rats and Shadowborn Apostle, Dragon's Approach is probably the best of the bunch because it does directly kill your opponent (or the entire table in a game of Commander) unless you get pretty unlucky, although it still seems like a janky, fun strategy rather than a competitive archetype. While it might seem weird for a basically unplayed artifact to be so expensive, when you consider that Coldsnap is a notoriously low supply set and Thrumming Stone has never really been reprinted (it is technically on "The List," but as far as increasing supply "The List" doesn't really do much), it makes some amount of sense. There just aren't that many copies of Thrumming Stone in existence. The problem is that spending $70 for one card in a very janky deck is tough. If you want to build Dragon's Approach combo, it is probably worth waiting until Thrumming Stone gets a true reprinting.

Meanwhile, Kozilek, Butcher of Truth is up to around $100 (or more for the original Rise of the Eldrazi printing) after being around $30 just a year ago. The card really only sees play in Commander, and even then it only shows up in around 3% of decks according to EDHRec, which just goes to show how much power Commander players have over the paper Magic market. Thankfully, Wizards loves reprinting Eldrazi in Masters sets, so if you need a Kozilek, Butcher of Truth, it's a pretty safe bet it will be reprinted somewhere in the not super distant future.

Finally, the original Onslaught fetchlands are on the rise. The Onslaught version of Windswept Heath doubled in price in the past few days, while the other four are also up around 100% over the past couple of weeks. While other printings of the fetchlands increased slightly, it seems like the primary focus of the buyout was the original printings of the cards, which actually makes a lot of sense. In the sports card world, rookie cards are usually the most desirable and valuable. If you squint hard enough, you can make the argument that the original printing of a card is basically the Magic version of a "rookie" card. While Windswept Heath will undoubtedly be reprinted many more times, there will never be another Onslaught Windswept Heath, and there will always be players willing to pay a premium for the "best" version of a card. It will be interesting to see if this becomes a trend, or if fetchlands are unique because they are so desirable and iconic. In the meantime, if you need fetchlands to play with, wait for Modern Horizons II to increase the supply and lower the price.

Exclusive Strixhaven Preview: Wandering Archaic // Explore the Vastlands

Strixhaven is all about the five colleges, but today, we've got a super-unique preview card to show all of you that isn't associated with any of them!Read more

Beans, Guac, and Fluids | Commander Clash Moment #12

This Week in Legacy: Nom Nom Nom Food!

Do you like fluids on your cereal? Read more

Joe Dyer gets hungry with Food Chain in Legacy! Read more

Commander Clash Podcast 003: Are Power Rankings Bad, Actually?

The crew weighs in on the merits of using a power level ranking system in Commander.Read more

Single Scoop: Mono Blue Storm (Historic)

Vintage 101: Painting with Power

This week's episode will have quite the paradoxical outcome as TheAsianAvenger pilots a mono-blue storm deck on the ladder! Read more

Joe Dyer dives into Painter and Birgi in Vintage! Read more

Historic 101: Devotee's Cycling

Modern Mayhem: Jeskai Stoneblade

TheAsianAvenger continues his trend of playing decks utilizing cards from Historic Anthology 4! Read more

TheAsianAvenger finally found a Stoneforge Mystic deck that he enjoys so it's time to see how we do in a Modern league! Read more

Commander Clash: Colorshifted Week | S10 E9

The crew build decks based on archetypes that aren't commonly supported in their chosen colors. Weirdness ensues!Read more

Meme or Dream? Colossal Plow (Standard)

Podcast 322: A Lesson in Strixhaven

Can Colossal Plow team up with Giant Ox to make for a dreamy new Standard deck, or will our weird Azorius Tempo deck end up a meme? Let's find out! Read more

The crew discusses the Kaldheim Championship and a ton of new Strixhaven cards! Read more

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