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Weekly Update 2014-10-19

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The MOCS 2014 November Season (Oct 29- Nov 26) is Metalworker. Temple of Mystery and Brain Maggot will be the Magic Online Player Rewards promos for October (Oct 29 - Nov 26).

Magic the Gathering Strategy Board Game

Mtg boardgame

The Magic the Gathering Strategy Board Game (placeholder name) was unveiled this past week at Essen. GatheringMagic did a fantastic write up here. The summary is it's a strategy board game that plays similar to Heroscape (also by Wizards of the Coast). There will be five miniature Planeswalker figures (Chandra, Jace, Nissa, Liliana, 1 TBD). There are cards (e.g. Counterspell), but they are not the same cards from the collectible card game. Familar mechanics like flying and deathtouch will be included. It will be available Fall 2015.

Funko Pop! MTG Series 2 Announced


Funko announced Magic: The Gathering Pop! Series 2! The new planeswalkers are Elspeth, Tezzeret, Sarkhan, Kiora, Gideon, and Nicol Bolas. They'll be availabe by the end of the year. You can view/preorder them on our Toys page.

MTGO Satisfaction Survey

Help Wizards improve Magic Online by filling out the MTGO Satisfaction Survey.

$100 Budget Series

Did you miss our Tarkir Clans Standard $100 series? This past week @TolarianCollege covered Jeskai, Azban, Mardu, and Sultai decks you can play for about $100 (paper).

Articles Recap

We launched our Articles section this past week. Make sure you check out what our writers had to say this week! Be sure to leave a note in the comments on what you liked/disliked!

Article Writers BETA

We're looking for authors interested in publishing on MTGGoldfish. If this sounds interesting, please click here for details.

KTK Shop

We made a KTK Shop page to collect all Khans of Tarkir products. Check it out if you're looking for Sealed Product (Boosters, Fatpacks), Intro Packs, Sleeves, Decks Boxes and Playmats!

#Trending Cards

The five most viewed cards on MTGGoldfish this past week are:
  1. Dig Through Time
  2. Siege Rhino
  3. Sarkhan the Dragonspeaker
  4. Jeskai Ascendancy
  5. Goblin Rabblemaster

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