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Team Modern Super League: Deck Voting

This Tuesday at 8pm EST on the main Magic Twitch I'll be joining Corbin Hosler and Todd Stevens to compete in the Team Modern Super League on The Brew Crew team. The event has a unique format: each team of three players submits six decks, and discounting lands and sideboards, decks can only overlap by two cards (for example: you can have six deck with Thoughtseize and Inquisition of Klozilek, but the decks could share no other non-land main deck cards). The opposing team gets to ban one deck before the matches start, and then gameplay continues until one team defeats all the other teams deck (once a deck is defeated, it's out), with the winner of each match staying on (with the same deck) to play another member of the opposing team.

Instead of just picking six decks, we decided to try something a little bit different. Todd, Corbin and I each submitted one deck that is automatically included in our six decks. Then, rather than each picking another deck, we decided to that we'd each submit a few decks that we like and then have all of you to vote for which deck you want us to play on Tuesday! Below you'll find three different strawpolls (one for each player) along with some deck lists (although keep in mind that there might be some small changes to the winning lists before the event). Anyway, what do you want us to play on Team Modern Super League this week? Let us know by voting below!

Todd's Poll

Corbin's Poll

*Note: Bloodbraid Allies is contingent on Bloodbraid Elf being unbanned Monday*

Seth's Poll


Thanks for voting, and don't forget to tune in Tuesday (February 13) at 8pm EST at to watch the winning decks in action on Team Modern Super League!

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