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Single Scoop: We Found Green-Based Control?

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Control is normally associated with blue and on top of that I despise green, but I had run into a few Golgari decks on the ladder and wanted to do my own spin on it.

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I've already enjoyed Shigeki, Jukai Visionary in Historic a decent amount for my Gruul Land Destruction decks but seeing as how the card can buy back so many powerful spells in Standard, this feels right at home in some sort of Golgari Control deck. After digging around, I saw a few different lists online and just kind of ran with this list. Seeing a few of the decks play Sarulf, Realm Eater was pretty neat as that's a card you don't see often. Also, Culling Ritual, seems like it'd be an extremely powerful sweeper against the aggressive decks in Bo1. The other spell was Witherbloom Command! This card was one we forgot about after spoiler season, and it has multiple modes that seem quite useful for the Bo1 meta.  Speaking of Bo1, you are seeing that right, I'm playing 62 cards as a test to see if it'll help fight the hand smoother, hehe.


The deck probably could use more instant speed spells as we're a little too sorcery speed and it really hurts when you're up against Naya Runes. Otherwise, the deck felt like a grindy deck that can keep up with most non control decks. Shigeki has proven to be quite the creature. Its channel ability has been a bit clunky but is worth it when our deck is trying to grind into the late game. Not to mention, it's nice to buy back a Harness Infinity in the event we mill one or have it discarded!

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