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Single Scoop: Silverquill Humans (Standard, Magic Arena)

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We're an aggro deck with a whole set of new tools! We already had a powerful humans package in General's Enforcer and General Kudro of Drannith. We just needed more pieces and Strixhaven has definitely added a few!

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Silverquill Silencer is a card that I'm really enjoying as the ability to hit an opponent for three and draw a card is huge. It gets even better if you're able to get them in multiples. We also got Elite Spellbinder which is an absolutely powerhouse of a card. If we're able to get the dream curve of Drannith Magistrate and Elite Spellbinder, we can permanently lock opponents out from casting the exiled spell. Elite Spellbinder is also just an amazing card on it's own as the additional two mana added to a spell's cost is enough to just end games!

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A card that I'm also trying out is a few copies of Silverquill Command. The card is powerful but it's biggest issue is that it's four mana and sorcery. However, the abilities we get from it are good enough to warrant a few copies. Being able to have any of our humans get +3/+3 and flying can potentially break a board stall! Of course, reanimating a creature could bring us a plethora of two drops back. As for the final two modes, these seem like they'll be the most common as removal and card draw is definitely welcomed. 


The deck definitely did what we wanted with Drannith Magistrate and Elite Spellbinder locking some people out. We might finally have enough cards to make Drannith Magistrate a worthy inclusion! The deck's flaws are that it seems a bit too slow or not interactive enough for best of one. I think the best way to turn that around is to pack more one drops to go faster or a few copies of Bloodchief's Thirst. We could also try some Learn spells as we have all that extra sideboard space. Outside of that, the deck feels like it'd be be more powerful in best of three. Well, back to the drawing board and we'll see you at the next video!

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