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Single Scoop: Selesnya Magecraft

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This deck really doesn't play like a Selesnya deck and plays more like an Izzet Prowess deck. We're hoping to fire off a ton of cheap spells and have Clever Lumimancer and Leonin Lightscribe pop off!

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The deck is loaded with Magecraft stuff along with ways to protect our threats in Snakeskin Veil and Tamiyo's Safekeeping. The deck is really a glass cannon that can catch people off guard as we're able to do an absurd amount of damage in a turn. Once we've run out of cheap spells, we do have Mavinda, Students' Advocate to hopefully buy back any spells from our graveyards so we can cast them again and trigger magecraft.

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I've found the deck to not be great after turn 5 or 6, so mulligan aggressively and close out those games super fast!

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