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Single Scoop: Rigging Fights in Standard

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Fight Rigging is quite popular in formats like Pioneer, Explorer, and Historic and it's legal in standard! We're still hoping to combine Shakedown Heavy and the powerful green enchantment to cheat out Titan of Industry. The nice thing is that we've got the plan B of being a reanimator deck thanks to The Cruelty of Gix to reanimate the numerous other big threats to close out games.


Naturally, we're a clunky deck and an extremely fragile deck when any of our pieces are messed with, but if you're a fan of fun, gimmicky decks, this is a fun one to steal a few games with on the Bo1 ladder. Naturally, Control and Mono-black are still some rough matchups but any kind of aggro deck is easy. The black-based midrange strategies can still be a matchup headache, but we can still win thanks to opponents just flat out struggling with big threats like a Toxrill or any other threat that gets cheated onto the board. However, I don't think there are enough things to really help this deck thrive right now. Maybe the Brothers War will bring us cheaper creatures with 6+ power.

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