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Single Scoop: Nissa Tron (Standard, Magic Arena)

A lot of you have come by my stream and asked how I would update the Mono G Tron deck I made for best of one and I have chosen to try an updated version this week! 


The last time, we were all in on ramp and playing additional lands off our friendly  Wayword Swordtooth. We eventually added the Explore package to gain life off Wildgrowth Walker to help us fight Red Deck but with M20 here, I wanted to see if we can use a few of the new tools that were given to us.

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Leyline of Abundance answered an issue I had with loading up our deck with Llanowar Elves and other mana accelerant creatures! The issue with so many mana dorks is that late game if we topdeck them, they're not really doing anything, but with the leyline, we're able to pump our team of X/1s into respectable threats. Because of the Leyline though, I'm forced to shave the Explore package and try a gameplan more all-in on mana accelerant creatures. 

$ 0.00 $ 0.00

Another card from M20 I'm trying out is Vivien, Arkbow Ranger. Vivien allows us to do more of what Leyline does but at a cheaper rate with her +1. Another thing about Vivien is the access to removal in her -3. Will her -3 single-handedly help with the lack of explore creatures? I don't think so but it helps. I think one of the cooler things on theme with the deck is another wish style effect but this one allows us to grab creatures. We now have access to Karn, the Great Creator and Vivien, Arkbow Ranger so this means we should be able to turn our sideboard into a tool box to grab whatever we need. 

$ 0.00 $ 0.00

This is another card I'm stacking up on as the Scapeshift menace exists and this slows them down at the cost of shrinking our Ugin, the Ineffable tokens but its well worth it. If we're ever able to slap a Helm of Hosts or multiple copies of this to get around Teferi. Time Raveler we'll be golden. Of course, these are a lot of moving parts but when our deck makes a ton of mana, it definitely helps get all those moving parts together a lot faster. This also adds to the "Taxing Red Deck" gameplan!


I think being all-in on mana accelerants and Leyline of Abundance leads to some absurdly explosive games but it also means red deck can expose us a lot more and this may not be worth it as the Wildgrowth Walker and friends plan worked quite well. I don't think my list is 100% perfect by any means but I want to tune this deck even more. I think we should go up another copy of Vivien, Arkbow Ranger in the main deck and add another Pelakka Wurm to the sideboard so we have even more tutor targets that can help us with Mono Red. Maybe, its better to just drop the leyline package as a whole but I think Vivien might have a home here as a 2 of. 

Thanks for watching and if you're attending MFVegas, come say hi!

-Your Neighborhood AsianAvenger

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