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Single Scoop: Mono Black Tergrid (Standard, Magic Arena)

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We're a mono-black midrange deck that is trying to take advantage of Tergrid, God of Fright's ability to steal the stuff from all of our discard spells and sacrifice effects.

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Tergrid is a powerful card and effect in Commander but does that translate into standard? We sure will try! cards like Elderfang Disciple, Inscription of Ruin, and Liliana, Waker of the Dead help empty our opponent's hand out while potentially grabbing us some new threats courtesy of Tergrid. Without Tergrid, we just play a classic mono-black control playstyle. I do believe that our plan B is a bit anemic as this version of the deck is all in on Tergrid!


In Standard, Tergrid definitely feels better as a Bo1 gameplan as a post board matchup will be a lot more difficult to stick a Tergrid but in Bo1, we can get away with a lot more. There are other variants of Tergrid I'd like to try like Mardu version of it. However, the best home for Tergrid in standard right now looks a lot like some kind of Rakdos midrange strategy. Let me know of any sweet Tergrid brews you've been having fun with! 

See you at the next one. 

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