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Single Scoop: Kykar and The Apex of Thunder

Ikoria brought us a Jeskai (Raugrin) Mythic that rewards us for playing noncreature spells in Vadrok, Apex of Thunder. This reminded me that there is another Mythic that still hasn't seen any play and also rewards us for noncreature spells. That's right, Kykar, Wind's Fury! Naturally, I had to see if I could throw together a pile of cards that would be a control shell that plays well with our two Jeskai Mythics...

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When looking at the deck, we're pretty much a Jeskai Yorion control deck that can also shift gears and close out the game with our creatures.

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Vadrok's mutate ability makes it so we can't use a card like Hero of Precinct One as we can't mutate onto humans. This leads us to other creatures like Fae of Wishes and the tokens that can be made off of Kykar, Wind's Fury! It's also nice that Vadrok allows us to bring back our fallen planeswalkers like Teferi, Time Raveler and The Royal Scions. Teferi by now is self-explanatory on how good he is but The Royal Scions haven't had their time yet and I figure with this deck, we can actually get use out of the second ability. Vadrok can also cast our other spells like Scorching Dragonfire or potentially Omen of the Sea. It's also okay to just deploy Vadrok as a 3/3 evasive threat so don't worry about getting the value!

As I had mentioned above, Kykar can really make us an army as we're loaded to the brim with noncreature spells like our counterspells. Our game plan is to just play a control gameplan until we can deploy Kykar or one of our threats and then protect it. It's why we have Lore Drakkis as a way to return Neutralize and other spells to continue locking out our opponents.

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As you probably noticed, we're not really running any Shatter the Sky and that could eventually come back to haunt us but I figured with our own creatures to deploy, maybe we don't want to sweep them away. Yes, Elspeth Conquers Death can bring them back but it just feels bad to have to do that so I'm trying out Mythos of Vadrok in place of Shatter the Sky. Although we lose out on having a clean board reset, we do gain the upside of hitting planeswalkers with Mythos so that's pretty rad.




We ended our run with a record of 5-2 and we quickly learned that we have an issue beating Stonecoil Serpent. It's against Stonecoil and other big decks like Gruul Fires where the deck can really struggle as we lack Shatter the Sky. However, the deck definitely could fight the low to the ground aggro decks and plays enough of the control game to disrupt the control decks. Our Jeskai duo did feel clunky at times but when Kykar got going, it felt great as our spirits could fly and generate mana when needed. It does make me sad that Kykar isn't a 4/4 considering how much mana it costs.

I think there will eventually be a shell for Vadrok, Apex of Thunder as the mutate ability is sweet and there are tons of ways to generate creatures to mutate onto. When it comes to best of one, it is nice to have a proactive gameplan so Kykar and Vadrok can help with that but I'm not sure if they're worth it in this build. Maybe we just drop the control gameplan and go more of a Jeskai midrange deck that can get even more from The Royal Scions

As always, thanks for watching. See ya at the next one! 

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-Your Friendly Neighborhood AsianAvenger

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