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Single Scoop: Izzet Control (Standard, Magic Arena)

This week's episode will be Izzet Control!


One of my favorite things about this deck is the 'counter burn' play style that allows us to play the control game plan while also being able to burn our opponents out.

$ 0.00 $ 0.00

The ideal start has Brineborn Cutthroat so we can grow it early just by firing a few spells on our opponent's turn. One of the better things about Brineborn is that if Oko decides to elkify our friendly little threat, all the counters will still be on the card which means we could outgrow even the biggest Wicked Wolf. The deck being able to operate at instant speed is sweet. Most of our answers can also become creatures!

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One of the sweetest cards in the deck is Brazen Borrower. The ability to bounce any nonland permanent is great as we lack hard removal like Murderous Rider and we don't have many versatile answers to deal with enchantments or artifacts so we're looking to get our opponents to waste their turn. Brazen Borrower really helps bail us out on turns where we tap out for Gadwick, the Wizened

$ 0.00 $ 0.00

Speaking of Gadwick, the Wizened, this card is perfect! It reloads our hand while tapping blockers which can help us close out a game! One thing I must bring up is that it's totally okay to play Gadwick for zero just to have the tap ability. It can feel bad not drawing a ton of cards but being able to clear the way for Brineborn Cutthroat or potentially tap down what would be a huge creature like Questing Beast or Wicked Wolf can be clutch. 


The deck was a lot of fun but I still have an issue with the deck's lack of solid answers. However, it does provide us with a real clock as this deck can close a game much faster than the other control variants. The biggest issue this deck will have is Chandra, Awakened Inferno. We heavily rely on our counterspells to keep things off the board so uncounterable threats like Chandra and even Shifting Ceratops can kill us quickly, but maybe we're in a meta that could warrant main deck Aether Gust

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