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Single Scoop: Invoking Justice on Standard

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We're finally at a point in Standard where we've got enough big bombs to reanimate. The best format for a reanimator deck is also best-of-one as opponents may not be ready for your graveyard gameplan, so you'll be able to steal some games. 

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Our key spells are going to be Invoke Justice and Return Upon the Tide. At first, Invoke Justice seems a bit ambitious in a four-color deck but with most of our mana sources producing white and our ability to filter our draws thanks to Faithful Mending and Prismari Command to loot and produce a treasure, we're more likely to have the four White mana we need. 

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Our reanimation targets are pretty straightforward. We're hoping to run into low to the ground decks as Toxrill, the Corrosive is a haymaker against mono white if on board. We've also got Valomachus to hopefully chain into another reanimation spell! If you're worried about removal, grabbing a Jin-Gitaxias isn't the worst idea as it forces an opponent to remove it twice. Olivia is a nice singleton to hopefully sneak in and reanimate something big. Just keep in mind whatever you reanimate with Olivia gets exiled if she dies!


The deck is definitely clunky, and I think I would run another Jin-Gitaxias in the deck. Unfortunately, there's not much we can do against control decks as their answers and counterspells can be a bit rough, so let's just hope that we can get there on the back of Koma, Cosmos Serpent. Other than that, our matchups should be great everywhere else!

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