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Single Scoop: Hushbridge Troll (Standard, Magic Arena)

Sometimes there are cute synergies and greedy game plans that either I come across or make myself and this is definitely one of those greedy deck ideas....

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The deck is trying to abuse Hushbringer's ability as this can allow us to play some pretty big bombs like Clackbridge Troll.  On top of that, this wonderful faerie hoses cards like Anax, Hardened in the Forge and the Cavalier cycle! Just be mindful that Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath is a free three mana 6/6. Anyhow, here are the threats we're trying to get into play with Hushbringer out!

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Sometimes a two-mana 6/6 and a five mana 8/8 with haste are good enough to push us to play this type of deck even if there some nonbos with Hushbringer and Rix Maadi Reveler.





The deck surprisingly went 4-3 as the matchups that involved hand disruption, removal, and pretty much all things Grixis can make it a bit of a bad match up. It was cool seeing the deck get above-average rates on creatures thanks to Hushbringer while also shutting off so many other cards.   The deck definitely felt fun but I would say the deck is definitely more fragile and on the janky side. Moving forward with the deck, I'd look to finding some more ways for us to draw cards and attack on a different axis like a few more planeswalkers. I'd also look to change the board wipes from Ritual of Soot to Storm's Wrath as that won't kill our beefy threats. 


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