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Single Scoop: GW Humans (Standard, Magic Arena)

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Humans lost a few tools with rotation but worry not because they've also got a few new tools as well!

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We lost the power house that was Elite Spellbinder, but I think Anointed Peacekeeper does a good job of filling the role. The upside is that if an opponent is able to pay the tax, they still have to pay to use the abilities on the card. This was quite relevant when I was able to pick off Planeswalkers! The fact that it's a 3/3 means it does way better in combat. The vigilance may seem irrelevant, but that means it won't get picked off by a The Wandering Emperor!

A few other new tools we got for Humans is King Darien XLVIII and Serra Paragon

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King Darien is a nice anthem effect that will eventually lead to building his own army. His sacrifice ability only saves tokens and that pairs quite nicely with Join the Dance! We've also got one of the more powerful cards from the set in Serra Paragon! This card allows us to get everything back from the graveyard after our opponents have exhausted their removal spells! It's also quite nice that we can even play lands that have been sent to the grave at the very least. 

$ 0.00 $ 0.00

I'm trying out Thran Portal as the land itself isn't great and quite painful, but it can be exactly what we need for our early game so we don't skip a beat. It's quite nice to be able to get whatever land type we need as well! If there is a home for this type of land, it has to be one that is aggressive and can really ignore the damage!


The human tribe is pretty lackluster in the one-drop department, but it can have some fiery hot starts. I'm excited to see how the deck unfolds when the meta plays out. For now, this deck seems like it could be quite nice week 1.

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