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Single Scoop: Gruul Land Destruction (Historic)

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The deck is a Gruul midrange deck with a heavy sprinkling of land destruction to keep our opponents off their footing long enough so we can resolve a plethora of midrange threats.

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The land destruction package in Historic currently consists of Goblin Ruinblaster and Stone Rain

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At a point, I was debating on playing Cleansing Wildfire and Primal Command but those cards just didn't feel great in the deck. It is worth mentioning that we should be playing more Sawtusk Demolisher! Thanks to #MTGAFR, I did get to force our friend Froghemoth! Is the Frog good? Not entirely and they should probably be more Sawtusk Demolishers. It can spiral out of control when eating enough creatures out of the opponent's yard but I threw it in the deck to just smash the opponent's face with a frog.

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The deck did what we set out to do which was set our opponents back on resources. I do think that a best of one format is a bit dangerous to be playing a Land Destruction deck as I feel that we honestly need our sideboards. Since we're in best of one, we have to clutter our deck up with sweepers which can kill our own mana dorks but the sweepers are a necessity for go wide decks!

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