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Single Scoop: Grixis Karn (Historic, Magic Arena)

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We're here to play a tap out control playstyle which will include lots of discarding our opponents' stuff and then jamming any one of our Nicol Bolas cards to win the game. Unfortunately, there's a lot of ways discarding cards from our opponent can backfire on us between Arclight Phoenix, reanimator decks, and Golgari cat decks. There's also been an uptick in affinity decks and Paradox Engine decks that rely on their early game artifacts so Karn, the Great Creator feels like the perfect card right now as it has passive abilities that are relevant and being able to tutor up a silver bullet like Tormod's Crypt is exactly what we need when it comes to a best-of-one format.

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Another thing to note is that Karn can pull artifacts from exile so fueling a Cling to Dust escape cost with any of the artifacts we've used up is even better as Karn will have access to it again!


I'm sure the decklist can be tuned a bit more but I've been in love with Karn the last few weeks as it's able to stop so many things with its passive and being able to pull Grafdigger's Cage along with a few other silver bullets is strong in best of one. I know we typically see Karn in artifact-heavy decks but I think he slots into a ton of control decks so let me know if you've got any sweet lists with Karn.

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