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Single Scoop: FUN-earth'd (Standard)

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Game Plan

This Rakdos deck is really going to play like a Reanimator style deck but our reanimation targets are going to be beefy artifacts. This is all made possible thanks to Mishra, Tamer of Mak Fawa

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Mishra doesn't care what we bring back as long as it's an artifact and we can do all of that for three mana. This means a few of the reanimation targets I'm hoping to hit are Portal to Phyrexia , Phyrexian Fleshgorger, and Cityscape Leveler. All of this is combined with a few of our cheaper Unearth creatures like Ashnod's Harvester and Scrapwork Mutt. Scrapwork Mutt helps us dump the clunky spells into the graveyard and is a good boi.

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The deck absolutely caves to graveyard hate and can be a bit clunky. Right now, I just need to tune the list to play a fair game before trying to go over the top as sometimes we just die to pure aggression. In Bo1, I'd look to adding more sweepers like Brotherhood's End. In Bo3 we can be greedier and board into sweepers. The list feels like its close enough to make something happen but for right now, it still needs a few tune ups.

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