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Single Scoop: Chandra, the Explorer

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We're very straight forward. We have Chandras and we're definitely looking to use them!

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We're hoping we can overrun the board with enough chandras to burn our opponents down as she often has some way of burning our opponents. On top of that, we've got cards like Chandra's Triumph to deal up to 5 damage to a creature or an opposing planeswalker. This is extremely helpful as it can take down a Parhellion II or a Teferi, Hero of Dominaria. Along with that, we've packed a few copies of Fry in the main board because right now, all the best decks in Bo1 are running some form of a white creature or blue creature. It might be a bit daring as Mono red exists but hopefully we can just throw the dead cards away with Chandra's Regulator.


Chandra tribal is so much fun to play and can be decent! The only problem is when we fall behind against a control deck or a Cheesefang deck catches us without our Unlicensed Hearse. The deck is definitely a fun one to play if you've got the wildcards and are looking to channel your inner Chandra!

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-Your Friendly Neighborhood AsianAvenger

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