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Single Scoop: Black Snow (Historic, Magic Arena)

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We've seen how mono black aggro was incredibly popular in Pioneer for quite some time. The difference between Historic and Pioneers lists weren't super different but something still felt like it was missing from the historic's version of the deck but with Kaldheim's release, I believe we've got one we're looking for!

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Mutavault doesn't seem like much as it's just a 2/2, but the fact that it dodges so many sorcery speed removal spells is huge. Although Faceless Haven costs two more mana to animate, it does come clocking in at 4/3 with Vigilance. This card will force our opponents to spend their instant speed interaction sparingly. That will be difficult as we flood the board with a bunch of cheap threats that have numerous ways of returning to the battlefield. 

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Two cards I'm also trying out are Egon, God of Death. The ability to play Throne of Death gives us a shot at milling into more cheap threats while giving us a way to draw cards. Ontop of that, Egon as a 6/6 beater is still powerful enough to make the card worth the mana investment. The other card I'm trying out is Rise of the Dread Marn. This card is just a way for us to be cute against sweeper heavy decks or as a way to refill the board when we trade our threats with our opponents. As the card checks to see ALL nontoken creatures that have died this turn!


The deck seems to have gotten a reasonable power boost to where I think the deck is viable in the Bo1 ladder. For starters, it has Thoughtseize, which means we've got one of the best spells against the majority of the field. Back that up with the ability to drop a bunch of one-drops early, the deck can be disruptive and pack a punch and that sounds great! We went a total of 6-1 with the deck and I couldn't be happier with how it performed. I think the version of the deck that I played in the video was a bit too heavy on Rise of the Dread Marn. That card feels like something I would bring out of the sideboard in Bo3 but in Bo1, it may not be great outside of a singleton copy. Either way, Mono Black is shaping up to be a sweet aggro deck in the Historic meta!

Thanks for watching and I'll see you at the next one

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-Your Friendly Neighborhood AsianAvenger

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