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Single Scoop: Bard Class is Actually Fun?

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The deck itself all about finding Bard Class and popping off!

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With Bard Class, we'll get a huge discounted rate for all of our legendaries and it'll grow all of our little legends into big buff beaters! Once Bard Class is at level 3, we're able to spin through a chunk of our deck every time we cast a legendary and potentially draw through our whole deck!

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Our best legendary is Halana and Alena, Partners. The card allows us to give any of our legends even more counters based on their power with the additional haste to go swinging instantly!


The deck is extremely weak when left without Bard Class. But the games with Bard Class? You feel unstoppable as removal usually isn't enough to keep you off your game. However, without Bard Class, we do play a bunch of clunky legends so often times, I highly recommend you try to dig for Bard Class because our fair game isn't the greatest. Still, the deck is a lot of fun and I realized there isn't a Birgi, God of Storytelling in the deck when there definitely should be. Birgi allows us to spin through our deck even more when we've got a level 3 Bard Class so definitely add it!

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-Your Friendly Neighborhood AsianAvenger

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