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Shadows over Innistrad Removal

Here is a list of all the removal in Shadows over Innistrad. It covers permanent creature removal, temporary creature removal (e.g. bounce, tap, and falter effects), non-creature removal, and off-the-battlefield removal (e.g. hand, stack, and graveyard). The column labeled 'T' for toughness (to the right of the permanent creature removal column) indicates how big a creature the removal spell can handle. If there is no number in that column, the removal is independent of the creature's toughness. Conditional removal is indicated after the card name. 

  • Italics indicates that the card is a permanent that has to remain in play for the effect to continue.
  • Bold indicates a reusable or ongoing effect.
  • Yellow highlight indicates that multiple targets are affected.
  • Red highlight indicates mass removal that you may be able to avoid overextending into. 
  • Within each color/rarity, cards are ordered by how tough a creature they can kill, then by converted mana cost.

Unlike the table of instant-speed tricks, this list does not try to provide an abbreviated description of the effect. Here's how to interpret those effects:

  • Abbreviations used: A (artifact), attkr (attacker), blkr (blocker), bounce (return to owner's hand), C (creature), CMC (converted mana cost), counter when used as a verb (counter a spell), discard X (discard X cards), dmg (damage), E (enchantment), EOT (end of turn), extract (search specified zones for any number of copies of a card, exile those cards, then that player shuffles his or her library), flyer (creature with flying), freeze X (tap X and it doesn't untap on controller's next turn), GY (graveyard), I (instant), L (land), mill X (put X cards from library into graveyard), opp (opponent), P (player or power, depending on context), PW (planeswalker), regen (regenerate), S (sorcery), sac (sacrifice), T (toughness), your X (X you control).
  • Effects (+X/+Y, -X/-Y, hexproof, etc.) last until end of turn unless specified otherwise.
  • Effects only target creatures unless otherwise specified, e.g., X dmg without qualifiers means the effect does X damage to any creature. If the effect also targets players, that won't be mentioned here.
Shadows over Innistrad Permanent Creature Removal / Conditional Toughness Temporary Creature Removal Non-Creature Removal Not on Battlefield
Colorless common 1+3+{T}: Explosive Apparatus 2      
White common 1W: Puncturing Light (attkr/blkr with P <= 3)   W+{T}+discard 1: Stern Constable (tap) 2W+sac permanent: Angelic Purge (exile A/E)  
    2W+sac permanent: Angelic Purge (exile)   1W: Expose Evil (tap 0-2)    
  uncommon 1W+1R: Nahiri's Machinations (blkr) 1 W: Topplegeist (tap; with Delirium, on each opp's upkeep, tap their C)   1W: Not Forgotten (card in GY)
    2W: Bound by Moonsilver (can't attack, block, or transform)        
    3W: Silverstrike (attkr)        
    3W+equip+your end step: Avacynian Missionaries (exile)        
    4W: Humble the Brute (P >= 4)        
  rare 1W: Declaration in Stone (exile C and all Cs with that name controlled by that P)        
    6WW+Delirium+deals dmg: Angel of Deliverance (exile)        
  mythic 3WW+non-Angel you control dies+next upkeep: Archangel Avacyn (3 dmg to each other C) 3      
    4WW: Descend upon the Sinful (exile all Cs)        
Blue common 3U: Sleep Paralysis (tap C, it doesn't untap during its controller's untap step)   (U)/1U: Just the Wind (bounce) 4U: Gone Missing (bounce permanent to library) 2U: Deny Existence (counter C & exile it)
        1U: Press for Answers (freeze)    
        2U: Stitched Mangler (freeze)    
        4U: Gone Missing (bounce to library)    
  uncommon     1U: Compelling Deterrence (bounce) 1U: Compelling Deterrence (bounce nonland) U: Invasive Surgery (counter S; with Delirium, also extract that spell from its controller's GY, hand, and library)
            1U+you control a Zombie: Compelling Deterrence (opp discards 1)
            1UU/(3U): Broken Concentration (counter)
  rare 2UU/(XUU): Welcome to the Fold (gain control of T <= 2 or T <= X) 2/X 1U+cast 4 I/S: Thing in the Ice (bounce all non-Horrors)   3UU: Confirm Suspicions (counter)
        3U: Engulf the Shore (bounce all T <= #Islands you control)    
  mythic     3UU-2 loyalty: Jace, Unraveler of Secrets (bounce)   3UU-8 loyalty: Jace, Unraveler of Secrets (emblem with "counter opps' first spell each turn")
Black common B: Dead Weight 2     B: Shamble Back (C in GY)
    4B: Throttle 4     1B+1B+sac: Vessel of Malignity (opp exiles 2 cards from hand)
    1B/(1B): Murderous Compulsion (tapped)        
  uncommon 2B: Tooth Collector (-1/-1; with Delirium, on each opp's upkeep, -1/-1 to their C) 1     2B: Pick the Brain (exile nonland from opp's hand; with Delirium, also extract that card from its controller's GY, hand, and library)
    2BB: Biting Rain (all Cs get -2/-2) 2     3B: Creeping Dread (each P discards 1 at the beginning of your upkeep)
    B+B+1 life+mill 1+discard 1: Sinister Concoction        
    2B+Delirium+2B: Kindly Stranger        
  rare 2B: To the Slaughter (sac C/PW; with Delirium, sac C+PW instead)        
Red common R: Dual Shot (1 dmg to 0-2 Cs) 1 1R: Magmatic Chasm (non-flyers can't block) 3R: Structural Distortion (exile A/L)  
    (R)/1RR: Fiery Temper 3 3R: Voldaren Duelist (C can't block)    
    4R: Reduce to Ashes (C is exiled if it would die) 5      
  uncommon 2R: Geistblast 2 3R/(3R): Malevolent Whispers (untap & gain control of C until EOT; it gets +2/+0 & haste)    
    3R: Dance with Devils (two 1/1 Devils with "when ~ dies, deal 1 dmg") 2      
    R+(5/discard 1): Lightning Axe 5      
    3RR: Dissension in the Ranks (blkr fights another blkr)        
  rare 4RR: Devil's Playground (four 1/1 Devils with "when ~ dies, deal 1 dmg") 4      
    1R/(XR): Avacyn's Judgment (2/X dmg divided as you choose among Cs/Ps) 2/X      
    XR: Burn from Within (X dmg, C loses indestructible and is exiled if it would die) X      
  mythic 3RR+attack+1R+discard 1: Wolf of Devil's Breach (dmg = discarded card's CMC)     3RR+attack+1R+discard 1: Wolf of Devil's Breach (dmg to PW = discarded card's CMC)  
Green common 1G: Rabid Bite (your C deals P to opp's C) P   2G: Root Out (A/E)  
    1G: Clip Wings (each opp sacs a flyer)        
  uncommon 1G: Moonlight Hunt (choose opp's C; your Wolves/Werewolves each deal P dmg to it)        
Multicolor rare 1WB: Anguished Unmaking (exile)     1WB: Anguished Unmaking (exile nonland)  
  mythic 2RG+0 loyalty-1 loyalty: Arlinn Kord 3   2RW-2 loyalty: Nahiri, the Harbinger (exile E or tapped A)  
    4WB-X loyalty: Sorin, Grim Nemesis X      
    2RW-2 loyalty: Nahiri, the Harbinger (exile tapped C)        
    2RG+0 loyalty-6 loyalty: Arlinn Kord (your Cs have haste and "{T}: deal P dmg"        

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