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Series TBD: Legacy Oozes

As you might already know, I've really been enjoying Legacy and Vintage lately. While I don't have that much time to make a new series, if I manage to sneak in a league every now and then, I figure I may as well record and post it for all of you to enjoy as well! Recently, I came across a pretty crazy-looking Legacy list—partly a Necrotic Ooze combo deck and partly Ooze tribal with Biogenic Ooze to make and pump our Oozes: Legacy Oozes. While the deck looks spicy, in a world of efficient combos and powerful tempo decks, the Ooze tribe seems like a strange fit. Today, we're going to find out by taking the deck out for a spin in a Legacy league. Can Ooze tribal compete in Legacy? How about the graveyard-based Necrotic Ooze combo?  Let's get to the video and find out!

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Legacy Oozes (Legacy)



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