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tiny leaders

Tiny Leaders: Format Staples

Feb 09 // by @BoltSnapBolt

What are the staples of Tiny Leaders? Chaz compiles a list based on decklists and community feedback.


Tiny Leaders: Introduction

Jan 30 // by SaffronOlive

Tiny Leaders is the hot new format on the block. SaffronOlive walks you through Tiny Leaders and its financial implications.


Podcast 004: Fate Reforged Standard and Tiny Leaders

Jan 30 // by mtggoldfish

The crew discusses the new Standard metagame in light of SCG DC and the new up and coming format Tiny Leaders.


Budget Brewing: EDH, Tiny Leaders, BYOB and Mana Draw at FNM

Jan 02 // by Cooper Livingston

Cooper explores alternative formats you can play at your next FNM.