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commander quickie

The Power of a Deckbuilding Checklist | Commander Quickie

Mar 11 // by Tomer Abramovici

Use a deckbuilding checklist to assist in your next deck brew and identify ways you can improve existing decks!

commander quickie

10 Budget Alternatives To Cyclonic Rift | Commander Quickie

Feb 26 // by Tomer Abramovici

Cyclonic Rift may be the best Blue board wipe, but it's not the only one! Tomer goes over the best budget alternatives to this pricey Blue staple!

commander quickie

Commander Quickie: Top 10 Theros Beyond Death Cards Under $1

Feb 16 // by Tomer Abramovici

Tomer goes over the sweetest Theros Beyond Death commander pickups currently under a buck!