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lost in rotation

Lost in Rotation: What Decks Survive This Fall, Part 2

Aug 06 // by Poppu

Poppu continues reviewing the current tier one and up-and-coming Standard archetypes in preparation for this fall's rotation.


Pro Tour Magic Origins: Decks and Cards to Watch, Questions to Answer

Jul 31 // by SaffronOlive

Pro Tour Magic Origins starts tomorrow! SaffronOlive talks about some decks and cards he'll be keeping an eye on this weekend.


Week One: Magic Origins By the Numbers

Jul 21 // by SaffronOlive

How did Magic Origins perform on week one? What saw play? What didn't? What new decks emerged? Let's find out!


Ten Magic Origins Brews by Saitou

Jul 17 // by mtggoldfish

Saitou's 10 new deck brews for Magic Origins.

lost in rotation

Lost in Rotation: What Decks Survive This Fall

Jul 17 // by Poppu

Poppu takes a look at what will be left over from the current Standard archetypes once Battle for Zendikar is released.


The Love Bellow: A Standard Combo Deck

Jul 14 // by Drake Builta

Want to make the most of the new Origins cards? Take a look at this toolbox-style combo deck.


What New Decks Should You Be Playing in the New Standard?

Jul 10 // by TrappedInLimbo

What are some of the hot new decks enabled by Magic Origins?


85K Games of Standard Analyzed

Jun 22 // by SaffronOlive

What deck beats what deck? We have over 85K games of Standard analyzed from MTGO to draw conclusions from.


Oh, the Places You'll Burn: A Red Mage's Guide to Dragons of Tarkir

Apr 08 // by Drake Builta

Drake looks at the new options Dragons of Tarkir gives aggressive red strategies and talks about where they fit in a post-DTK metagame.


Interesting Lists from the SCG Invitational Weekend

Apr 03 // by Blackout28

Brad takes a look at the results from the SCG Invitational in search of new decks.


Beating GW Devotion

Mar 11 // by Blackout28

Brad takes a look at the GW devotion deck that is sweeping through standard, and looks at possible avenues in beating it.


A UW Control Sideboard Guide

Mar 09 // by Stephen Garcia

SCG Houston T8 competitor Stephen Garcia goes over the deck he has been frustrating people with for the past month.


A Lesson Learned and SCG Regional Results

Feb 13 // by Blackout28

Brad examines an error in his testing and analyzes the SCG Regional results.


Controlling Colorado: PTQ Top Eight Report with UW Control

Feb 10 // by Stephen Garcia

Stephen Garcia briefly recounts his PTQ experience and what he learned about his new (old?) weapon of choice.


BUG Control and Fate Reforged Cards Broken Down

Feb 05 // by Josh Kaufman

What you gonna do when Uginmania runs wild on YOU? Josh gives us his favorite new standard cards.


Podcast 004: Fate Reforged Standard and Tiny Leaders

Jan 30 // by mtggoldfish

The crew discusses the new Standard metagame in light of SCG DC and the new up and coming format Tiny Leaders.


Building A Deck From the Ground Up and my Standard Sell List

Jan 28 // by Josh Kaufman

Josh shows you how to constructs a deck from the ground up. He also talks about his Standard buys, sells, and sleepers.


Week One: Fate Reforged By the Numbers

Jan 27 // by SaffronOlive

@SaffronOlive breaks down the decks and number on Fate Reforged from the SCG D.C. Top 64.


Temur Ascendancy and other Standard Breakouts

Jan 27 // by Blackout28

Brad Theisen analyzes the breakout Fate Reforged cards including the new Temur Ascendancy Combo deck.


A Standard Reforged: BW Warriors and Ugin Devotion

Jan 18 // by Blackout28

Brad Theisen looks at the different ways Fate Reforged could change Standard


The Little Engine that Could: A Draw Engine for Standard

Jan 16 // by Nathan Whalen

Nathan Whalen takes a look at a powerful new draw engine for the new standard.


Reforging Fate - Sleepers in Spoiler Season

Jan 03 // by Nathan Whalen

Nathan explores some potential sleepers in spoiler season.


A Metagame for Christmas

Dec 24 // by Blackout28

Brad Theisen takes a look at the current Standard Metagame.


Spread 'Em: Understanding the Spread in Standard and Modern

Nov 15 // by SaffronOlive

@SaffronOlive discusses everything about the difference between vendor buy/sell prices, with the help of oodles of stats and numbers.


The Metagame #2

Nov 01 // by Marcos Rodriguez

Marcos looks over the Standard metagame to see what people are doing to combat Abzan Midrange


Crash and Burn at SCG Minneapolis

Oct 31 // by Blackout28

Brad Theisen heads to Minneapolis to do battle with Jeskai Aggro.


The Metagame #1

Oct 26 // by Marcos Rodriguez

In this new series, Marcos takes a look at the MTGO metagame on a weekly basis, discusses trends and how to prepare for your next DE!


Jeskai on the Rocks

Oct 25 // by @deadtwomtg

Ricky explores Jeskai Wins, complete with sb guide, and explains why Chained to the Rocks is the answer to the most common matchups.


The Good, The Bad, and Those That Are Better Than Good

Oct 23 // by Stephen Garcia

Follow along as new writer Stephen Garcia breaks down the established Abzan decks and his choices for this week's tournaments.


$100 Standard Deck: Temur Aggro

Oct 23 // by @TolarianCollege

@TolarianCollege builds Temur Aggro on a $100 budget.