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Single Scoop: Spiritual Dovin (Standard, Magic Arena)

Aug 01 // by TheAsianAvenger

How Spiritual is Dovin? Find out as we take Spirits and some Dovin through the Bo1 queues!

single scoop

Single Scoop: Nissa Tron (Standard, Magic Arena)

Jul 25 // by TheAsianAvenger

Want to see an updated version of Nissa Tron? TheAsianAvenger gives you his latest take on it!

single scoop

Single Scoop: Simic Flash (Standard, Magic Arena)

Jul 18 // by TheAsianAvenger

We tap into our Speed Force with this Simic Flash deck!

single scoop

State of the Best of One Meta M20

Jul 13 // by TheAsianAvenger

All your #MTGM20 needs for Best of One!

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Single Scoop: Naya Feather (Standard, Magic Arena)

Jul 11 // by TheAsianAvenger

Does our favorite Angel stand a chance in a best of one format??

single scoop

Single Scoop: Grixis Reanimator (Standard, Magic Arena)

Jul 04 // by TheAsianAvenger

Nothing stays dead for too long with Grixis reanimator!