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modern mayhem

Modern Mayhem: Jund 2k19 (Modern, Magic Online)

Jul 09 // by TheAsianAvenger

Is Jund viable now? TheAsianAvenger dusts off the archetype and takes it for a spin!

fish five-o

Fish Five-0: Temur Elementals (Standard, Magic Arena)

Jul 05 // by TheAsianAvenger

TheAsianAvenger tries to master the elements with #MTGM20!

single scoop

Single Scoop: Grixis Reanimator (Standard, Magic Arena)

Jul 04 // by TheAsianAvenger

Nothing stays dead for too long with Grixis reanimator!

modern mayhem

Modern Mayhem: Rakdos Aggro (Modern, Magic Online)

Jul 01 // by TheAsianAvenger

Lightning Skelemental?! Count me in!

fish five-o

Fish Five-0: 5C Niv-Mizzy (Standard, Magic Arena)

Jun 28 // by TheAsianAvenger

Now that's what I call a Guildpact vol 1!


Esper Amnesia (Standard, Magic Arena)

Jun 26 // by TheAsianAvenger

Are you a fan of memes? What if this meme was in a solid control shell?

modern mayhem

Modern Mayhem: Sultai Tempo (Modern, Magic Online)

Jun 24 // by TheAsianAvenger

TheAsianAvenger will try to infiltrate his way through a league this week!

magic arena

War of the Spark Block Constructed Primer

Jun 21 // by TheAsianAvenger

Get a head start with these block constructed decklists!

fish five-o

Fish Five-0: Abzan Midrange (Standard, Magic Arena)

Jun 21 // by TheAsianAvenger

TheAsianAvenger tries a different set of colors for this Midrange deck!

arena standard

Dovin's Acuity Update (Standard, Magic Arena)

Jun 19 // by TheAsianAvenger

Looking to update your best of one Acuity Deck? TheAsianAvenger has got you covered!

modern mayhem

Modern Mayhem: Esper Shadow (Modern, Magic Online)

Jun 17 // by TheAsianAvenger

Death's Shadow got some new cards from #MTGMH1 that TheAsianAvenger wants to try!

fish five-o

Fish Five-0: Mardu Feather (Standard, Magic Arena)

Jun 14 // by TheAsianAvenger

Can Feather take flight with the addition of Black? TheAsianAvenger can help figure this out!

modern mayhem

Modern Mayhem: Infect (Modern, Magic Online)

Jun 10 // by TheAsianAvenger

Is Infect making an attempt at being a top tier deck again? Find out!


War of the Spark Singleton Primer

Jun 07 // by TheAsianAvenger

Looking for some Singleton Decklists to take down the War of the Spark Chronicles Event? TheAsianAvenger gives you a few!


Golgari Midrange (Standard, Magic Arena)

May 29 // by TheAsianAvenger

Lets see how much God-Eternal Bontu helps the Golgari Midrange gameplan in best of one!

modern mayhem

Modern Mayhem: Eldrazi Tron (Modern, Magic Online)

May 28 // by TheAsianAvenger

TheAsianAvenger sees what the buzz is all about for Karn, the Great Creator!

fish five-o

Fish Five-0: Dave Gruul (Standard, Magic Arena)

May 24 // by TheAsianAvenger

TheAsianAvenger tries to throw a monkey wrench into the meta with this Gruul deck for this week's episode!


Orzhov Knights (Standard, Magic Arena)

May 22 // by TheAsianAvenger

Do Knights finally have the tools needed to fight the best-of-one ladder?

modern mayhem

Modern Mayhem: Orzhov Superfriends (Modern, Magic Online)

May 20 // by TheAsianAvenger

With all of the superfriends running around in standard, how would an Orzhov Version do in Modern? Let's find out!


State of the Meta: Best Of One (Standard, Magic Arena)

May 18 // by TheAsianAvenger

Need some decklists for your Best of One adventures? Find out here.

fish five-o

Fish Five-0: Esper Turbo Friends (Standard, Magic Arena)

May 17 // by TheAsianAvenger

All aboard the ship! The friendship, that is! This week TheAsianAvenger takes a planeswalker heavy deck into the queues.


Mono Green Standard Tron (Standard, Magic Arena)

May 15 // by TheAsianAvenger

Tron in Standard? WHAT!? Come find out what TheAsianAvenger has been tinkering with in best of one!

modern mayhem

Modern Mayhem: 10 Rack (Modern, Magic Online)

May 13 // by TheAsianAvenger

Which card? Dissss-Card! Come join TheAsianAvenger as he plays 10 Rack in Modern!

fish five-o

Fish Five-0: Grixis Midrange (Standard, Magic Arena)

May 10 // by TheAsianAvenger

Bolas lovers new and old, there's a Grixis deck that can hold it's weight in Arena!

budget arena

Budget Arena: Boros Battallion (Standard, Magic Arena)

May 10 // by TheAsianAvenger

This week we're going to upgrade the Boros Battallian deck Twitch Prime Members get for free!

modern mayhem

Modern Mayhem: Esper Control (Modern, Magic Online)

May 06 // by TheAsianAvenger

Crim adds some #MTGWAR touches to Esper Control in Modern!


Upgrades of the Spark: Gruul and Sultai

May 04 // by TheAsianAvenger

Looking for some upgrades for Gruul and Sultai? You've come to the right place!


Upgrades of the Spark: Grixis Midrange (Standard)

Apr 20 // by TheAsianAvenger

What are some cards TheAsianAvenger is looking to add to existing archetypes with #MTGWAR?

modern mayhem

Modern Mayhem: Sultai Midrange (Modern, Magic Online)

Apr 15 // by TheAsianAvenger

Thief of Sanity? In Modern? Well...why not?!


Budget Arena: Mono Black Discard (Standard, Magic Arena)

Apr 10 // by TheAsianAvenger

Which card? Dis-card! Come join TheAsianAvenger as he plays mono-black discard!