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preparing for rotation

Preparing for Rotation: Theros

Jun 02 // by SaffronOlive

With rotation creeping around the corner, @SaffronOlive discusses Theros cards to sell, hold, and buy.


How Wizards Manages its Savings Account

May 29 // by SaffronOlive

@SaffronOlive discusses reprint equity, supplemental products, and the budgetary constraints of set design.

budget magic

Budget Magic: $93 (33 tix) Standard UR Mindswipe Counterburn

May 28 // by SaffronOlive

In this week's Budget Magic @SaffronOlive shows off a control deck built around the neglected counter Mindswipe.


Six Odd MTG Moneymakers

May 25 // by SaffronOlive

@SaffronOlive discusses six odd MTG items that have more value than most people think.

budget magic

Budget Magic: $22 (7 tix) Pauper UB Teachings Control

May 22 // by SaffronOlive

In this week's Budget Magic, @SaffronOlive delves into the Pauper format with a UB Mystical Teachings Control deck.


The Future of Modern (Masters)

May 20 // by SaffronOlive

@SaffronOlive explains why the MTG finance community needs to think of Modern like Standard rather than Legacy.


Selling Cards: eBay vs TCGPlayer vs Buylists

May 15 // by SaffronOlive

While buying cards is great, you need to sell cards to realize a profit. @SaffronOlive tells you how.

budget magic

Budget Magic: $70 (21 tix) Modern Eminent Domain

May 14 // by SaffronOlive

In this week's Budget Magic, @SaffronOlive shows off a U/R Eminent Domain land control deck for Modern.


The Expected Value of Modern Masters 2015

May 11 // by SaffronOlive

How much value can you expect to open from a Modern Masters 2015 box? @SaffronOlive breaks it down.


Modern Masters 2015: Initial Winners and Losers

May 09 // by SaffronOlive

@SaffronOlive has some initial impressions on MM2, along with a discussion of variance in opening boxes.

budget magic

Budget Magic: $97 (38 tix) Standard Abzan Rally

May 07 // by SaffronOlive

@SaffronOlive shows off the power of Rally the Ancestors combo in Standard.

collection buying 101

Collection Buying 103: Selling a Collection

May 06 // by SaffronOlive

@SaffronOlive concludes his collection buying series with a picture journal of buying and selling a huge collection.


Set Prices, Reprint Rates, and MM2: Mirrodin through Dissension

May 01 // by SaffronOlive

@SaffronOlive continues to look at reprint rates and set prices, this time in the very first sets legal in Modern.

budget magic

Budget Magic: $175 (67 tix) Standard Wg Prowess

Apr 29 // by SaffronOlive

Looking for something different and not too expensive to play in Standard? @SaffronOlive breaks down his new favorite deck: Wg Prowess.


Exploring Set Prices, Reprint Rates and MM2

Apr 28 // by SaffronOlive

@SaffronOlive discusses reprint rates, set prices, along with taking a stab at deciphering the supply of Modern Masters 2015.


Playtest: Dragons of Tarkir Event Deck

Apr 23 // by SaffronOlive

Richard and Seth playtest the new Dragons of Tarkir Event Deck.


Drafting for Value

Apr 21 // by SaffronOlive

Limited is fun, but it can also be very expensive. @SaffronOlive give you some tips for drafting in a value conscious manner.


Risk Management: Modern Masters 2015

Apr 17 // by SaffronOlive

Since saving money is just as good as making money, SaffronOlive discusses risk management with Modern Masters 2015 on the horizon.

budget magic

Budget Magic: $97 (22 tix) Modern Infinite Pili-Pala

Apr 15 // by SaffronOlive

In this weeks Budget Magic @SaffronOlive runs through some matches with an combo deck build around Pili-Pala and Grand Architect.


Pro Tour Dragons of Tarkir: By the Numbers

Apr 12 // by SaffronOlive

What decks and cards performed well? Which ones faltered? @SaffronOlive breaks down the number on #PTDTK.


Quantifying a Pro Tour Top 8's Effect on Prices

Apr 10 // by SaffronOlive

In preparation for #PTDTK, SaffronOlive figures out how much value a card can gain from making the Top 8.


MTGO Finance for the Paper Financier: Speculation and Redemption

Apr 08 // by SaffronOlive

Playing Magic Online isn't for everyone, but @SaffronOlive explains the MTG finance benefits of MTGO for paper financiers.

budget magic

Budget Magic: $45 (7 tix) Modern Restore Balance

Apr 07 // by SaffronOlive

@SaffronOlive takes you through some matches with Restore Balance, perhaps the cheapest deck in Modern.


Good Specs, Bad Specs, and "The Process"

Apr 04 // by SaffronOlive

How do you judge the success of your purchases? How do you decide what cards to buy? @SaffronOlive has some ideas.


Week One: Dragons of Tarkir By the Numbers

Mar 31 // by SaffronOlive

This weekend was the first chance for DTK to shine in Standard. What saw play? What didn't? @SaffronOlive breaks it down.


Breaking Down the Complete List of Intro Pack Foils

Mar 27 // by SaffronOlive

Are Intro Pack foils worth buying? SaffronOlive investigates the complete list of Intro Pack foils.


The Multiple Rotations of Dragons of Tarkir

Mar 24 // by SaffronOlive

Dragons of Tarkir is unique in several ways. @SaffronOlive talks about why surviving two Standard rotations might be the most important.


The Expected Value of Dragons of Tarkir

Mar 21 // by SaffronOlive

How much value can you expect in a DTK box? @SaffronOlive breaks it down. Warning: not for the faint of heart.


Promo-tacular: Strange, Large and Rare Part 2

Mar 18 // by SaffronOlive

Did you wake up this morning wishing you could read 4,000 words on promos? If so, @SaffronOlive has you covered.

dragons of tarkir

How Many Legends Does it Take to Change a Lightbulb?

Mar 14 // by SaffronOlive

How many legendary creatures can you play in your deck? @SaffronOlive digs through history to find out.