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Rent Any Deck on Magic Online

Cardhoarder has just launched its Loan Program to allow anyone to rent any card/deck on Magic Online for a small weekly charge! Over the years, we've played hundreds of decks on Magic Online for our videos here at MTGGoldfish, and we've been fortunate enough to borrow all the cards from our sponsor Cardhoarder. They are now releasing a similar program to the public!

The way it works is simple: you sign up for a certain budget (suppose $50), which means at any time, you can borrow cards up to that budget. Every week you are charged a subscription fee that is 3% of that amount ($1.50/week for $50 budget). You can hold on to the cards for as long as you want, and only need to return them when you want to free up your budget to borrow something else. Swapping cards is easy as it's all automated through bots. You can simply choose cards to rent via the Cardhoarder link on MTGGoldfish decks. Most of the time you will receive your cards in under five minutes. Returns are similarly easy, allowing you to swap cards on a whim. This is great news for Magic Online players as it means for a fixed fee, you can play any card and any deck. People have often asked for an "unlimited collection subscription" to digital Magic, and this is pretty close.

What does this mean in practice? For Standard, a loan amount of $60 will let you play most decks. Six of the top 8 decks from Mythic Championship Cleveland come in at $60 or under, so for only $1.80/week, you can access most of the most popular decks in Standard. The one exception is Simic Nexus at $270;  if you really want all of your basis covered, $8/week will get you any deck in Standard at any time.

While Magic Arena is the new shiny platform for digital Magic, Magic Online does come with its benefits. You can play Modern, Legacy, Vintage, Pauper, Commander, in addition to Limited and Standard. Magic Online was already a great deal before allowing you to play powerful cards and decks for a fraction of the cost compared to real life Magic. But now it's even cheaper since you can just rent the cards. To get an idea of what loan budget is suitable for each format, here are the typical deck prices from our metagame pages:

* Note that the minimum subscription is $0.99/week for a $33 loan balance.

Format Typical Deck Price Subscription Cost
Standard <$50, with the exception of Nexus decks at ~$200 $1.5/week or $6/week
Modern $200-$400 $6-$12/week
Legacy $200-$450 $6-$13.50/week
Vintage $200-$350 $6-$10.50/week
Pauper $10-$60 $0.99-$1.80/week
Commander $10-$40 $0.99-$1.20/week
Penny Dreadful $1-$2 $0.99/week

And remember, you can use this to test out any of the decks we play on Budget Magic, Against the Odds, or Much Abrew! Our last four Standard Budget Magics have been between 6-11 tix, so for a whopping $0.99/week, you can try to channel your inner SaffronOlive!

So if you've ever wanted to try Magic Online, here is the chance to try it out on the cheap! We've been using the private version of this program for years at MTGGoldfish and we really think this is a game changer for digital Magic. For full disclosure, MTGGoldfish is sponsored by Cardhoarder and we make a small commission if you use our links to sign up. It helps us keep the lights on and lets Cardhoarder know that MTGGoldfish sent you!

If you want to try it out, here's Mono-Blue Tempo decklist from Mythic Championship Cleveland. Click the "Rent from Cardhoarder" button on any decklist to get started, or get started directly here.

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