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Pro Tour Magic Origins: Day One Deck Techs

Day One of Pro Tour Magic Origins was certainly exciting with a myriad of new decks showing up. Below are the decklists from the Deck Techs from the Pro Tour Magic Origins coverage, along with a bonus Demonic Pact list!


Bonus: Demonic Pact

The last match on camera featured Demonic Pact piloted by Antonio Del Moral Leon. While the exact decklist wasn't published, there was a similar list from Magic Online running the core Demonic Pact, Woodland Bellower and Invasive Species combo:

Metagame Breakdown

Wizards was also kind enough to post the Day One Metagame breakdown:

Deck # Decks Percentage
Green-red Devotion 59 15.01%
Red Aggro 54 13.74%
Abzan Control 47 11.96%
Blue-Red Ensoul Artifact 33 8.40%
Blue-Black Control 31 7.89%
Sultai Control 25 6.36%
Abzan Rally 24 6.11%

You can find the full breakdown here.

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