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Possibility Storm: Between Season Special #3

Hello Puzzlers! This week we have a treat for you in deed. A little behind the scenes look at making Puzzles. One of the bigger patreon perks is that $10 patrons have the ability to make there very own puzzle! Nick Ptack has done just that. In addition to the puzzle and Saffron video we have included some of the original puzzle images so you can see what it looked like at different stages.

First here is the draft that Nick sent in

Click here to expand image

There are a lot of good ideas here, but the biggest issue....there is a way to deal more damage then asked! Can you see it? We call this overkill and we try to avoid this at all cost. Expertise cards are almost always difficult to constrain in a puzzle.

There also exist a weird position in this puzzle where we can't explain why the cats didn't attack last turn. While not every puzzle is exactly reality, we do strive for realism. Take a look at what nick and i came to after several reviews.

Click here to expand image

We went back and forth on colors and on sweepers. We decided to rest on the pirate clasm to avoid mana issues with expertise. Below is the final puzzle, but do you notice a change? When the puzzle was put in front of our puzzle analyst they found a small quirk that allowed for a slightly higher damage!

Click here to expand image

Feel free to run over to the possibility storm and listen to the PS editor trying to solve this live.

These puzzles are free to play, but if you like to challenge yourself or others then you can get early access over here. Each puzzle has a unique solution but if you find a better one that our crack staff of puzzle analyst missed you can reach us here or on twitter @mtgpuzzles.

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