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Possibility Storm: Between Season Special #2

Happy New Year!Let's start the year off right. As Rivals of Ixalan spoilers start to roll in we just don't have the whole picture yet so let's take a look in on someone's UnCube draft. Remember that Un cards break many rules of Magic, but they only break the rules mentioned. All the other rules of magic stay intact. For example in normal magic you can not do something an infinite amount of times. You must name an arbitrarily large number of loops. This creates a problem when your opponent is at actual infinity! Also, remember that infinity minus infinity isn't zero as confirmed by the Maro twitter thread.

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I am happy to share with you a solution as prepared by Darathin on Reddit (Tawnos on twitch chat).

This is the most complete answer we have ever seen on this puzzle (Original Link)

Spoilers in the poem, be aware before you read it, don't know how to spoiler tag my high pitched voice for the answer I completed

At infinite life my opponent stands tall
Winning by damage won't work at all
Attacks are off the table as my ideas I prepare
While I plot a solution in my Entirely Normal Armchair
Perhaps the puzzle's title is also its theme
And I can make my opponent fall to my Squirrel-Powered Scheme
With two in play my dice rolls are high
Even rolling a one will get me a five
One is in play and the other my hand
I pay for the latter using only two land
The first is Watermarket for the league's destructive pomp
The second gives black using my basic swamp
This leaves one colorless floating up in the sky
When I normally speak my voice isn't so high
And with dice rolls at five I'm ready to clobber
By getting into play my lovely Lobe Lobber
I use a basic, any will suffice
The other two equip it. 5/7 with rice!
It gets a new master to give it a whirl
That master is none other than the Earl of Squirrel
With each tap I ping and each ping untap
Make two more squirrels for my opponent's dirt nap
With enough squirrels made to mill my opponent's deck
I look and I sigh, rubbing my neck
It's not a lack of mana that has me concerned
But ripping up cards gets some people spurned
With gritty determination, I shred both Blacker Lotus
With a gleam in my eye the opponent can't help but notice
Reassemble Neural Network since this turn I must win
Plus this rhyme's growing long and its humor wearing thin
Target the Rules Lawyer with More or Less
Subtract one from its toughness and prepare for success
With four mana floating and two sources unused
I augment Ordinary Pony and with Robo- it's fused
The last four mana gets the attention of the room
For its the key to my plan, my lone Clock of DOOOOOOOOOOOOM
I crank my contraptions, stealing a creature
As they mill their library, the primary feature
End of turn triggers my pony to flicker
And the result, well, it couldn't be sicker
A new creature with flavor comes into play
My opponent can't draw, and they die in this way

These puzzles are free to play, but if you like to challenge yourself or others then you can get early access over here. Each puzzle has a unique solution but if you find a better one that our crack staff of puzzle analyst missed you can reach us here or on twitter @mtgpuzzles.

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