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Ponies: The Galloping - MLP MTG Charity Crossover Collector's Set!

Howdy folks! It's Joe here to talk about some details on a newly announced collector's set item from Wizards of the Coast! A few years back when HASCON took place, Wizards took the opportunity to design silver bordered Magic cards based on some of Hasbro's other properties (namely Dungeons & DragonsTransformers, and NERF). So it is no surprise (and I'm surprised it took this long) that Wizards has decided to do another collector's set based on one of Hasbro's most popular and best selling properties: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

That's right, I said My Little Pony. And that's not all. These sets are being sold to help benefit the Extra Life Charity and were announced this morning through IGN, and are only available exclusively in the US.

Dubbed Ponies: The Galloping, this set comes with three silver bordered cards based on characters from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The cost of this set is $49.99, with all net proceeds going to benefit Extra Life. This set will be available from October 22nd through November 5th (or until they're sold out).

The three cards included with this set are the characters Rarity, Nightmare Moon / Princess Luna, and Princess Twilight Sparkle (the main character of Friendship is Magic). These cards are silver bordered, which means they are not technically legal for tournament play (but of course, your playgroup might allow you to play with them if they so desire!)



From a standpoint of card design, these are not only fun collector's items but they can also be fun to play with and are very clever in the way they are presented. Rarity, as the Element of Generosity, grants protection to others while also interacting with the "Rarity" of spells (super clever way to pun the name here). Nightmare Moon / Princess Luna provide an interesting multiplayer functionality by making friends while also referencing Nightmare Moon's affinity for the night and cards with Moons on them (Blood Moon, anypony?), and Twilight's abilities are obvious as the Princess of Friendship even if there aren't any Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, or Rainbow Dash cards to go with her yet (this means Wizards needs to get on the ball!).

But wait, that's not all that's being made available! While there are no pictures of them yet, there is also going to be a three playmat set available as well for $99.99 during the same time as the box set, and ALSO there we be customized digital MTG Arena sleeves available from October 28th until November 4th costing $3.99 each, with proceeds also going towards Extra Life.



For myself, I am very excited about this set. As some of you might know, I'm a big fan of the show as it is something that my wife and daughter and I all enjoy together. This set is a clever nod in the timing of this announcement, as My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic's final three episodes of the entire series is airing on October 12th, having ran a total of NINE seasons and over 200 episodes (Episode 200 was in Season 9), so not only is this is a cool way to provide a collector's item for the fans, but it's also a really cool thing to benefit Extra Life Charity, which is a pretty awesome charity organization to support.

Be on the lookout for these items coming October 22nd for the box set / playmat set and October 28th for the MTG Arena sleeves! Until then, take care everypony!

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