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Podcast 205: Ravnica Allegiance Spoiler Season



The crew discusses a ton of sweet new Ravnica Allegiance cards and answer some fishmail!

Today's show is brough to you by Tigtone. A hero’s quest…begins with the first simple quest. And is followed by…another, slightly more complicated quest. Some might want or even need some additional information, but our hero needs only to know that it is a quest. And soon you will know his name.. For he is… Tigtone. A new, gorgeously-animated, weird show from Adult Swim. Tigtone. The Quest begins January 13th at Midnight, only on Adult Swim.

Mail Bag

Do you have a burning question that you need answers to? Tweet your questions @mtggoldfish using the hashtag #mtgfishmail and we'll select some for next week's podcast!

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