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Pioneer Peak: Boros Superfriends (Pioneer, Magic Online)

Gideon died in #MTGWAR but we never got to do a proper send off for our Gatewatch friend so this one is for Gideon! In all honesty, I just wanted to play a deck with a ton of Gideon of the Trials as right now Pioneer is loaded with Inverter of Truth decks and Gideon's emblem keeps us in the game and prevents our opponents from winning! This list was sent to me by a viewer and I went and modified it to my liking. I believe the original list went 5-0 so naturally, we had to give it a shot!

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Our gameplan is a simple one, slam Gideons and Chandras on the board and do everything we can to protect them with a deck full of sweepers. 

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To be honest, this is the main attraction for me. Gideon of the Trials can make us an emblem that will help us fight the Inverter of Truth decks. Ontop of that, both of our gideons will allow us to turn the corner from controlling into aggro. Once we've flooded the board with planeswalkers, we can do the ol' Sarkhan the Masterless turn everyone into dragons and attack in the air!

Not only are we loaded with sweet planeswalkers, we also have sweet answers in the deck!

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Fatal Push is the premier one drop removal in Pioneer whereas white normally has Path To Exile and Swords to Plowshares in other formats but being in Boros means we get Chained to the Rocks! Okay, its nowhere near the power level of the two spells mentioned before but it is still a one cost unconditional answer in white.

We also have some other cute synergies like Shatter the Sky + any of our Gideons as we can sweep the board and also draw a card which is actually relevant. 



So unfortunately we ended with a 2-3 record and the deck still suffers from most things Boros midrange.  The issue is our inability to refill our hand or load up with a ton of cards. We don't have many ways to filter our draws like Opt to dig towards our answers. There were points where we stabilized but just needed to draw anything to win the game. I did really like Birth of Meletis in the deck however. I was also a huge fan of Shatter the Sky and I think we should totally be playing a full four copies. I also can't help but feel like we could potentially put a few copies of Elspeth Conquers Death as a way to reoccur some of our planeswalkers. Lastly, it might be correct to play a few copies of Bonecrusher Giant as a simple shock would've really helped us against Mutavault and potentially other creatures that need to be dealt with at instant speed.

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If I were to take this deck out for a spin again, it'd probably look something like the list shown above but maybe it'd be better if we just went Jeskai Fires of Invention super friends with a ton of Gideons instead of just Boros although I would miss Chained to the Rocks. Anywho, thank you to those who have emailed and reached out to me about future decks for videos! I'm currently looking over a few decks for a video over the next week or two. Thanks for watching <3

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