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Pioneer Peak: Bant Bogles (Pioneer, Magic Online)

We tried it in standard so we have to try it in Pioneer! That's right, lets got some Bogles (BOW-gles?)

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Thats right! The game plan is to put a ton of auras onto our little hexproof critters and go to town!

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The backbone of this deck will be our friendly little 1/1 and 2/1 that will eventually become a much bigger threat as we have a ton of ways to give them unblockable, flying,lifelink, and our card draw comes in the form of Staggering Insight and Curious Obsession

$ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00

The nice thing about Staggering Insight is the lifelink as this will make it so we can race our opponents and not worry about dying from their attacks. Another way for us to gain life is Unflinching Courage which will also give us trample so we don't get chump blocked for days!

We also have other engines like Sram, Senior Edificer

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This card is huge as it will allow us to stay around as we draw through our deck and refill on more auras and threats.


The deck finished with a 2-3 record which could've easily been a 3-2 had it not been for some slight flooding and one slight misclick haha. The deck can have explosive starts as we saw but I think the addition of the third color, to nobody's surprise, reduces the consistency of the deck as there were too many times we were stuck on colors. If I were to play some kind of aura/Bolges deck, I'd probably look to try the Selesnya variants. The only thing to note is that if we cut blue, we lose a ton of draw unless we want to try to add Setessan Champion. Otherwise, it's just Sram, Senior Edificer that will be drawing us cards. 

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Anywho, thanks for watching! We'll go for gold next week and as always, thanks for watching and supporting!

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