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New Deck Support: Penny Dreadful, Duel Commander, Canadian Highlander

Hey folks, Richard with a Site Update here. We've added support for a bunch of new formats: Penny Dreadful, Duel Commander, Canadian Highlander.

Penny Dreadful

Penny Dreadful is a Magic Online format where each card must cost 0.01 tickets or less. The format rotates so as cards get popular and more expensive (or less popular and cheaper), they get removed (or added) to the format. You can find more information on the official Penny Dreadful website. The MTGGoldfish deck editor now checks legality of Penny Dreadful decks. We have the most popular decks (metagame) from the player-run leagues and tournaments, and we also have a staples section!

Duel Commander

Duel Commander (also known as French EDH) is an adaption of Commander focused on single-player. There is a different banlist than multiplayer Commander and players start with 20 life. Note that it is different format from the 1v1 Commander supported on Magic Online. The banlist includes cards that are legal in the 99, but banned as the commander. The MTGGoldfish deck editor now checks the legality of Duel Commander decks.

Canadian Highlander

Canadian Highlander is a singleton format featuring 100+ card decks where all Vintage-legal Magic cards can be played (basically everything but ante cards or silver-bordered cards). This includes iconic cards like the Power 9. Instead of banning cards, cards are "restricted" based on a point system. Powerful cards are given a point value, and your deck can only contain 10 points. For example, Black Lotus is worth 7 points, Ancestral Recall is 7 points, but Balance is 1. For more details, you can check out the Canadian Highlander points list. You can now create Canadian Highlander decks in our deck editor and we will automatically check the points for you.


That's it for today. There are all kinds of fringe formats for all fans of Magic: the Gathering. Do you have a favorite format we don't support? Let us know in the comments below.

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