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Modern Mayhem: Rakdos Gobbos (Modern, Magic Online)

I've been waiting for this day to try to Goblins in Modern thanks to our new friends from #MTGMH1 and #MTGM20!


We're going to try to play some aggressive and hasty goblins and attack the opponent's face! We're trying to capture the spirit of Legacy goblins with Aether Vial and etc. 

$ 0.00 $ 0.00

The cards we're missing in modern are Wasteland and Rishadan Port. I'm definitely okay with this as I think some of those cards are a tad bit unfair but the way the modern goblins look is sweet! A thing to also keep in mind is how much this deck can lean on Aether Vial some games so try to start with it or you'll be flooded with some pricey goblins. Otherwise, this is just nice and clean Magic where we try to swarm them with a ton of goblins and then send all the goblins upstairs with cards like Sling-Gang Lieutenant! (I like to pretend I'm the little goblin on the slingshot)

$ 0.00 $ 0.00

We also got another sweet goblin from Modern Horizons in Munitions Expert

$ 0.00 $ 0.00

I'm definitely a fan of this as this is a removal spell and a goblin body ontop of everything else which might just be enough to give Goblins the edge it needs to keep it's foot on the gas pedal when there are creatures or a problematic planeswalker in the way! 

Lastly, #MTGM20 has given us the last piece of the puzzle in Goblin Ringleader!

$ 0.00 $ 0.00

This is the card advantage and hand refill we need to stay in the game against decks like Jund or Control. The cherry on top is that it has haste so it can immediately get in there and join in on the goblin mayhem while helping us refuel. What a pal!


I think the only issue I had overall with this deck was when we didn't have Aether Vial we were playing really weak magic at points. I also feel like we might need some goblins lower on the curve as we're very heavy at the three and four drop slot. The deck is fun but the list isn't perfect. I for some odd reason want Goblin King in here so back to the drawing board! Feel free to share your lists with me on Twitter or by Email. Commenting on this article is also helpful. Thanks for watching.

-Your Neighborhood TheAsianAvenger

Twitter: @TheAsianAvenger || Twitch: || Email:

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