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Modern Mayhem: Jund 2k19 (Modern, Magic Online)

What year is it? I believe it's 2019 and there are a few Jund decks running around! In honor of Richard(owner of Goldfish), I will try the good ol' saying "Jund em out"


The way new Jund is built, we have a solid way of #DeckThinning with grabbing our fetchlands back with Wrenn and Six. With Wrenn, we're able to constantly buy back our Nurturing Peatland and Raging Ravine which is nice. 

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Wrenn also protects itself as well as a two mana planeswalker can with a -1 that is very relevant and can pick off problematic X/1 creatures like Noble Hierarch. I'm definitely a fan of this planeswalker as it's such a well designed two mana walker. Wrenn can definitely help us grind game one, while potentially picking up some card advantage along the way.

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Heres a new toy for Jund! I'm 50/50 on Hexdrinker as I think the card is amazing when you're flooding and it can be a nice mana sink that can scale into the late game but sometimes its just a 2/1 that can lead to some major blow outs when you try to level it up. However, since our deck is nothing but removal we should be able to cover for the drinker. This card is perfectly average in my opinion and requires a good idea of when to level it up and when to just let it sit.

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This card has been amazing to me due to the tribes that you can name in Modern (I.E. Humans, Construct, Goblins, and etc). It can seriously shut down humans and the fact that it has death touch will be relevant. I wanted to try this card in the maindeck as opposed to the sideboard because I often found myself bringing it in all the time. Yes, modern is a wide field but sometimes it's nice to have a head start on an aggro deck so you can steal a game 1.


I see the fun in curving out and keeping the Jund dream alive. Wrenn and Six is definitely a sweet addition and I can see it being included in a decent amount of builds. If I were to change anything about my build it would be the amount of Hexdrinker and Tarmogoyfs I have. I also think we could use another Scavenging Ooze as that card just seems like an all-star with where modern is right now. If burn becomes an issue again, we'd really need to retool our sideboard but so far I like the board the way it is. I guess I'll just have to keep grinding games out to get better with Jund! 

See you at the next one!


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