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Modern Mayhem: Jeskai Stoneblade

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By now, we're all quite familiar with the Stoneblade variants and I remember trying to make it work when Stoneforge Mystic got unbanned. I think my biggest takeaway from the blue variants of Stoneblade was that it felt too slow to close out games and not controlling enough to get to the late game. However, the Jeskai variant might be exactly what we wanted as it can control the game, while being packed with Lightning Bolt and Lightning Helix for removal and reach.

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It's also the perfect shell to be packing cards like RemandSpell Queller, and Teferi, Time Raveler.

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Cards like Remand feel right at home when so much of our deck is loaded with tempo plays like Brazen Borrower and Spell Queller. Forcing our opponents to recast a big spell on another turn while drawing another card feels amazing. On top of that, Teferi, Time Raveler pairs up quite nicely with Spell Queller as a spell underneath our spirit won't be cast even after removing it as Teferi's powerful static ability prevents many things!


I think the Jeskai Variant fits my playstyle in the way that it can shift gears at any point in the match to go from controlling to aggro quickly. The red really gave us the reach I was looking for in a stoneblade deck. Another thing to note is that Geist of Saint Traft is a sweet card but probably because of nostalgic reasons. I'm pretty sure that most cards in 2021 outclass a 2/2 that doesn't do anything upon entering and leaving the battlefield. I can't help but feel like we should be playing more Brazen Borrower in our 75. We also really need more ways to stop the Jund Shadow menace as so much of our removal is burn-based and not great against Jund's big threats. I would've never guessed that Modern is in a place where I'm afraid of Tarmogoyf or Death's Shadow. This truly is a great time to be playing Modern.

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