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Modern Mayhem: Grixis Delver

I will always try to force a Delver deck when I can and if it's in Grixis, that is even more appealing. So naturally, I would have to try a slightly tweaked version of Cherryxman's list that dunked on a league. Here's what it ended up looking like...

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It's the typical Delver of Secrets play style of cheap disruption and hanging on long enough to close out with one of our cheap threats. The thing that immediately drew me to the list was Thieves' Guild Enforcer, and this card is just the right amount of spice!

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The fact that it's another one drop that can eventually become a 3/2 with Deathtouch and the fact that it has flash allows us to hold up mana or shift gears and get more aggressive. Of course, in a format that has a ton of Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath piles, it can be dangerous helping an opponent fill up their graveyard but the deck is equipped with Drown in the Loch which can be a counterspell or removal spell, and I do love versatile spells in Modern. We also have a singleton Into the Story for a reload when we're out of spells so there are enough things to reward us for milling cards from the opponent. It also doesn't hurt that we can disrupt the Goblin combo with Thought Scour and Thieves' Guild Enforcer!

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A card that I've been trying to find a home for is Stormwing Entity. The card in theory plays well with all the cheap spells we're loaded with. It also gives us a target that can't be Fatal Pushed and can prove risky to Lightning Bolt. Not only does it have Prowess, but it can be another flying threat to pair up with a flipped Delver and can Scry. The jury is still out if this card should be in the list because we're not playing Lava Darts and a silly amount of free spells to really take advantage of the prowess but it is a solid threat if we can just fire off one or two spells in a turn.


The deck ended the league with a record of 2-3 and we got steamrolled by the Bant Snow Control deck but the good news is Astrolabe and Uro will hopefully get the Axe and be banned by the time this goes live! This deck really struggled with Teferi, Time Raveler and I'm wondering if there are more efficient ways to deal with the card — even if it's just a single Dreadbore. I do think the deck has legs to stand on and I'm not ready to give up on a Delver deck just yet as most of our games were close! 

As always, I'm going to try to find and force some kind of fair deck in Modern. Thanks for watching and I'll see you at the next one.

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